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UC Transfer Admission Guarantee

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​Six University of California (UC) campuses offer guaranteed admissions to students from all California community colleges. Students who are interested in TAG must meet campus-specific requirements to qualify. ​What does that mean? Every UC that participates in the TAG program has their own set of classes that they expect you to take to qualify. These classes may not be the same at every campus, even if you are applying for the same major. Please see your counselor early and often if you are thinking about TAG.

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Those who participate in TAG can ensure their admission to a specific UC campus. Students that apply may receive early review of their academic records, early admission notification, specific guidance about major preparation (i.e. major and campus-specific requirements, mentioned above), and advisement regarding general education.

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​Keep this in mind: TAG application are only open September 1-30 for Fall admissions. A student must select ONE campus to TAG. Unfortunately, that means SCC students have to select their top choice. Work with counseling and the Transfer Success Center to determine what your best option is for the program.

The TAG matrix is a useful tool that lays out most of the information for TAG program. It is not exhaustive, but it is a great place to start. Click here to access the TAG Matrix

How to Apply For TAG:

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1. Use the UC Transfer Admission Planner to complete the TAG application, and review it with your community college counselor and/or UC campus TAG adviser. You’ll need to submit it Sept. 1–30.

2. You’ll find out if your TAG is approved in November. If it is, fulfill all remaining coursework and GPA requirements in your TAG agreement.

3. Fill out the application for admission to UC and submit it Nov. 1–30