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Supervisor Manual


This Manual was created for you to use as a resource while supervising your student assistant here at SCC.  We have covered the items we feel will be the most useful.  Thank you for your support to student employment on-campus! 


  • Be innovative in developing job opportunities and duties
  • Interview, create schedules, orient and train
  • No supervisor shall require a student assistant to work when he/she is scheduled for classes or examinations
  • Students should be released early enough so that they will not be late for class.  However, students should be given credit on the timesheets only for time spent at the work site.
  • Exams:  During the final week of exams, must alter student assistant schedule if necessary
  • Do not permit students to begin working until you have a timesheet for them
  • Supervise student assistants assigned to you at all times and give direction
  • Monitor the timesheets daily.  Verify the accuracy, sign and initial next to any change or weekend/holiday hours you approved.
  • District funded positions will be billed to the account number you provide to Job Placement. Monitor your budget carefully and ensure timesheets are being billed to the appropriate account number.
  • Students are not permitted to work more than eight hours a day, five consecutive calendar days without a day off, work more than 19 hours per week
  • Complete evaluation forms and return to the On-Campus Job Placement Office by the required date
  • Discuss frankly with your student assistant any problem related to staff, yourself or job duties.  If the problem cannot be resolved, bring it to the attention of the Job Placement Coordinator
  • SCC is responsible for all student assistants.  Therefore, it is extremely important that every supervisor insist that all student assistants abide by current safety and health precautions.  Students and supervisors are urged to report any unsafe practices or conditions that they encounter on campus to the Chief of Campus Police.
  • Select students for employment without regards to sex, age, race, religion, marital status, or handicap
  • Nepotism: Supervisors may not under any circumstance hire immediate relatives to work in their departments
  • Keys will not be furnished to student assistants under any circumstance
  • If a student is injured while working, the supervisor must refer the student to Student Health & Wellness Services for care and to Risk Management for proper paperwork/medical referral.  Any injury must be reported as soon as possible.  SCC is required to report known injuries to the Workers’ Compensation carrier within 24 hours
  • Students are not permitted by SCC to operate any vehicle, their own or their employers, during the course of their work duties without prior authorization and completion of proper liability forms
  • Students are not permitted by SCC to be a passenger in any personal vehicle
  • During the winter, spring and summer breaks students will not work; unless the On-Campus Job Placement Office has received and granted a request
  • Students may not volunteer to work under any circumstance
  • Student assistants are not allowed to work for more than one department at a time.

Each school year both new and returning student assistants must be RSCCD Board approved and processed by the On-Campus Job Placement office before they can begin working. It is the responsibility of the student assistant to return the signed referral form to our office. Students are approved to work for an entire fiscal year which begins July 1st and ends June 30th. Returning student assistants must complete a Re-Hire packet if continuing to work after July 1st the following fiscal year.

Once a student has completed the hiring paperwork with the Job Placement Coordinator, he/she will be given a Referral Form to be completed and signed by their supervisor. Return the signed Referral Form to the On-Campus Student Placement Office, E-104.

See New! legally required immunizations detailed at the end of this student manual.


Some student assistant positions require a Fingerprint and/or Tuberculosis clearance before the student is allowed to work

The instructions on how to complete a timesheet as well as the Payroll Schedule are available online. Student assistants must accurately and consistently record time worked at the end of each work period. Check the total hours worked at the end of each month for accuracy. Timesheets must be completed in blue/black ink; pencil and white out will not be accepted. Corrections must be initialed. You and your student assistant must sign and turn in the completed timesheet by the due date. Timesheets are due in the On-Campus Job Placement Office by 5:00pm on the 11th of each month.  If the 11th falls on a weekend they must be delivered on the Friday before.   Due dates for the year are listed on the Payroll Schedule.

Sick Leave for Student Workers - AB1522 Healthy Families Act

Effective July 1, 2015, student employees are able to accrue and use sick leave. The following information will assist you with the procedures for use and reporting student employee sick leave. Please do not hesitate to contact the On-Campus Job Placement office if you have any questions.

  • ​1 hour sick leave is accrued per 30 hours worked
  • Sick leave is accrued when employment begins, but cannot used until 90-days after the first date of employment began
  • Minimum of 2 hours must be claimed for a sick day. (Example: 2 hours OK / 1.5 hours not OK)
  • Maximum hours that can be claimed per fiscal year is 24 (fiscal year: July 1 - June 30)
  • Maximum hours that can be accrued per fiscal year is 48 (and can be rolled over to next fiscal year)
  • Sick leave is paid at the employee's regular wage rate
  • Sick Leave continues to accrue until employment is terminated

​Payroll Cards

Wages will be deposited onto a Payroll Card through the Schools First Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) on the 10th of each month; refer to the Payroll Schedule.  To opt out of the payroll Card use, you may request one of the following forms from the On-Campus Job Placement Office, E-104:

  1. Have monthly wages direct deposited into a bank account; request the Direct Deposit form.
  2. Receive a paper check through the mail; request the Payment Option Authorization Form. 

          Must be completed annually before July 1.


All students employed through SCC are titled “Student Assistant” l, ll, lll, l​V, V, VI; the level for which a student is hired depends on the job description.  Certain positions (those that require very specific skills) students may be placed on a higher classification from the beginning.   Position requirements are set by supervisors and wages are approved by the Job Placement Coordinator.

Student assistant wages must be claimed as income. Wages are subject to federal and state income tax deduction, if these wages plus any other income earned through employment exceeds the amount allowable by the Federal Government. Any student, who is employed as a student assistant by RSCCD and is enrolled in 5.0 units or less, is subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. To avoid paying these taxes, the student must maintain enrollment in 6 units or more.


The training process can be a rewarding experience for student assistants.  Students play the key role in their future employment success and therefore should make every effort to develop characteristics of good judgment, dependability, initiative and responsibility.

Supervisors will set up a training session with the student. This training session usually occurs on the first day of work and will be a continuing process. This may be done very informally. The student should review the jobs’ responsibilities with their immediate supervisor.


A student who works a 4-6 hour shift should get one 15 minute paid break per shift.  Any student who works more than a 6 hour shift is entitled to one 15 minute paid break and one 30 minute unpaid meal break. A student working a 7-8 hour shift is entitled to two 15 minute paid breaks and one 30 minute unpaid meal break.

    • 15 minute break period  (do not record on the timesheet)
    • 30 minute lunch break must be recorded on the timesheet; refer to Forms under Timesheet for example.

Once a semester a student assistant performance evaluation form is sent to the immediate supervisor. The supervisor will discuss the evaluation and send the completed form to the On-Campus Job Placement Office. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to improve performance and to receive feedback from their supervisor. It’s a great opportunity to build a sound work record.  A favorable work record established by students may well prove to be a valuable source of reference for future employment.



  • Learn and satisfactorily perform specific duties
  • Stay actively enrolled in 6 or more units each semester.  Exception: must be actively enrolled in 1 unit for summer session.  If you drop below the unit requirement you will be immediately terminated.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Policy; FWS only
  • A positive attitude is essential to your job success, be enthusiastic and attentive. If you do not understand something, ask questions until you do!
  • DO NOT conduct personal affairs while working.  Keep cell phones and other electronic items turned off during your shift.  Except for family emergencies, personal incoming and outgoing telephone calls or texts are not allowed.
  • Friends may not visit or study with you while you are on the job.
  • Personal use of office equipment (copier, computer, fax machine, etc.) and supplies is prohibited.
  • Respect and maintain the confidentiality of any information you may come into contact with while on the job. You are required to read, agree to, understand and sign the Code of Confidentiality; a signed copy will be filed with your records.
  • Immediately bring to your supervisor’s attention any problems or concerns you may have pertaining to your position.
  • Read and comply with the RSCCD Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • Complete the online Sexual Harassment Training/provide a copy of the certificate to the On-Campus Job Placement office
  • Perform the duties of your assigned position to the best of your ability
  • You may not simultaneously work two student assistant positions
  • Cooperate in scheduling work periods. Once a schedule is established, you are responsible for adhering to it. You may not exceed 19 hours a week or work longer than an 8 hour day. You may not work more than five consecutive calendar days without a day off.
  • Breaks: You must work at least four (4) hours to be entitled to a 15-minute break. The break should be arranged with the supervisor. A student assistant who works more than six (6) hours in a day must take an unpaid 30 minute break. You must indicate on the timesheet when the break was taken.  Timesheets showing more than 6 hours with no break indicated will be returned to the supervisor, and may result in a delay of the paycheck.
  • Accurately and consistently record time worked at the end of each work period.
  • Report to work on time and inform your supervisor or another SCC staff member whenever you will be out or late. You should be able to give the reason for your absence or tardiness. More than three absences per semester or failure to appear for work without notification are grounds for termination.  Absences will not be compensated. 
  • Establish a good working relationship with your supervisor and other department members
  • Respond positively to constructive criticism
  • Inform your supervisor of any plans to end employment. The customary notification time period is two weeks
  • Federal Work Study students are required to notify their supervisor of any changes in their work study awards
  • Dress appropriately. Avoid brief shorts, tank tops, torn jeans, flip-flops or bare feet.
  • The use of drugs and alcohol is absolutely forbidden
  • In the event of alleged violations of municipal, state and/or Federal laws, the associate of the respective department and the Chief of Campus police will be consulted
  • You may not bring children to your worksite; no exceptions


  • Students are hired as student assistants with no job rights regarding continued employment.  Students may be released from employment at any time

  • Students are not eligible for unemployment benefits

  • Supervisors may terminate a student’s employment without any prior warning.  Students may also voluntarily terminate their employment.  Students planning on returning to work at SCC in the future must give a two weeks advance notice

  • Students are not permitted by SCC to operate any vehicle, their own or their employers, during the course of their work duties without prior authorization and completion of proper liability forms
  • Students are not authorized by SCC to lift articles weighing more than 35 lbs.
  • Student assistants are not classified employees of the College and are not members of the California School Employees Association
  • If a student has a work-related grievance, he/she should meet with his/her immediate supervisor and make an earnest attempt to resolve the problem.  If the issue has not been resolved, the student should contact the Job Placement Coordinator
  • During winter, spring and summer breaks, student will not work
  • Student assistants do not earn any type of permanent status while employed with the College
  • Student assistants are not eligible for health and welfare benefits, vacation, paid holidays, retirement benefits or any other benefits offered through Santiago Canyon College
  • Student Assistants will accrue sick leave per AB1522 Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Act of 2014. See section above named Timesheets, Paychecks &  Wages for details.
  • Overtime is not allowed under any circumstances
  • Students are not permitted to work more than five consecu​tive calendar days without a day off
  • Students may not volunteer to work even if they are requested to do so by their work-site supervisors
  • For reasons of liability, students are discouraged from spending time at their work site when they are not scheduled to work.  Exceptions to this rule would be in “public” areas, such as the Library
  • Student assistants are eligible for Workers’ Compensation.  If a student is injured while working, the supervisor must refer the student to the Health Center for care and to Risk Management for proper paperwork/medical referral.  Any injury must be reported as soon as possible.  SCC is required to report known injuries to the Workers’ Compensation carrier within 24 hours.​