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Scholarship Office

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The SCC Scholarship Office assists students with the application process and disbursement of scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students to assist with educational expenses. Each scholarship has its own unique criteria and application process. ​Feel free to explore our website to learn more about scholarships offered at our campus. Have questions? Contact us! ​​​

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Types of Scholarships At SCC

For a compressive list of scholarship types, please review the Types of Scholarships at SCC page for details. Below are the opportunities the primary scholarship opportunities offered at SCC. The application dates and details about how to apply  can be found by clicking the icon below for that particular scholarship. 

We do not advertise scholarships that are offered outside of our college. However, if you are a recipient of a scholarship from an off campus organization you can learn about the process by clicking "Outside Scholarships" icon below. 

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Click here to learn about the SCC Annual Scholarships

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Click here to learn about the SCC First Year Scholarships

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Click here to learn about sending outside scholarships (OTS) to SCC

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The Scholarship Office is here to help!

Click here for our hours and our contact information.

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