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On Campus Support Services

​​​Admissions and​​ Records (A&R)(E-101)​
(714) 628-4901

The admissions office is the center for student registration, the maintenance of students' records, and for the implementation of academic policies at SCC.

Associated Student Government (ASG) (A-205)​
(714) 628-4917

Provides students with the opportunity to gain leadership and government experience, plan campus activities, make a difference and leave a positive impact on SCC.

Canvas / Online Tutoring​
(714) 628-4764

Provides technology support for students using Canvas and students enrolled in online courses. Students may also email for assistance.

CalWORKs​ (E-108)   ​
(714) 628-4905

The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids program is designed to assist families receiving TANF to become financially self-sufficient through successful academic and vocational education.

Career Services (D-106)​
(714) 628-4805

Assists students with linking college majors and training programs with careers; sponsors job fairs; provides students with leads for off campus employment; and offers resume writing and interviewing skills workshops. 

Child Dev​elopment Center (C1)(714) 628-4890

A full day comprehensive developmental early childhood education program is offered for children 18 months to 5 years of age, not enrolled in kindergarten.

College ​Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) (A-212)(714) 628-5034

CAMP is a federally funded program designed to provide support services for students who are migratory or seasonal farm workers or are children of migrant families.

Comp​uters and Printing (Library)(714) 628-5001

Equipped with PC's and Macs for currently registered student use. Printing is also available: $0.10 for black & white, $0.30 for color.

Counselin​g (D-106)    (714) 628-4800

Offers educational planning services, career planning, personal counseling, and university transfer assistance.

Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) (E-105)(714) 628-4860

The program provides instructional support services and academic accommodations to students with verifiable disabilities. Students must request services and provide disability documentation.  Assessment for learning disabilities eligibility is available at no cost to students experiencing learning difficulties that interfere with their educational progress.

​Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS/CARE) (E-108)
(714) 628-4915

EOPS is a state-funded program that provides specialized assistance to students who need additional support due to financial and educational challenges.  CARE offers additional support to qualified EOPS students who are single head of household receiving cash aid for self or dependents.

Finan​cial Aid (E-104) (714) 628-4876

Provides federal, state, and institutional financial aid services for students who might not otherwise be able to attend college due to lack of financial resources. Promotes awareness of Financial Aid programs while maintaining fiscal and regulatory integrity of those programs.

​First Year Support Center (FYSC) (E-303)   
(714) 628-5085

Are you a first year student and need assistance?  Let the First Year Support Center provide any help you may need to become a successful college student.  The center provides hands-on support with the application process, class registration, understanding the student portal, Web Advisor, and application for financial aid (FAFSA & CA Dream Act).  The center also offers workshops, academic coaching, tutoring, and referral to campus resources to meet each student's unique needs.

Guardi​an Scholars (former Foster Youth) (A-206)     (714) 628-4709

Provides SCC students, who are current and former foster youth, with support services which range from text book assistance, supplies, counseling, on-campus and off-campus referrals for specialized services and community resources, food pantry, and special activities to ensure a rich college experience and support academic achievement.

H​awk's Nest Food Pantry (HNFP)     (714) 628-1049

The Hawk's Nest Food Pantry supports all credit and non-credit SCC student's academic potential, creativity, as well as their personal and professional growth by providing free and nutritious food for students and their families. Food distribution days are posted around campus, and on HNFP the website.

Inte​rnational Students (A-203)(714) 628-5050

Serves students studying under the provisions of the F-1 student visa. Services include, assisting with admission & registration, immigration, housing, among others.  The program also coordinates activities that develop avenues for international students to form friendships and encourage participation in on-going intercultural experiences on campus and in the community.

Math Success Center (U-80)   (714) 628-4965

Instructor and student tutors are available to individually assist students with math; answer homework questions, encourage, and support math students. Students also have access to graphing calculators, instructional videos, textbooks, and computer tutorial programs.

Office ​of Student Life & Leadership (A-206)(714) 628-4917

Provides information regarding student life activities on campus, and leadership training opportunities.

On ​Campus Job Placement Program (E-104) (714) 628-4921

Assists currently enrolled students and/or students on Federal Work Study with obtaining student assistant employment on campus and at approved community locations.  This office, housed in Financial Aid, is dedicated toward aiding SCC students advance their leadership skills by placing them in campus-based student work programs.

​Pathways to Teaching  (PTTP) (E-314)(714) 628-4928

Provides academic counseling and transfer assistance, specialized workshops and events, appointments with university representatives, book loan assistance, school supplies, volunteer opportunities, internships, and a service learning award program, all designed to encourage and support students in pursuing an education leading to the teaching profession. 

Sch​olarships & Veterans Service Office (VSO) (A-210)     (714) 628-4793

The scholarship program office provides instruction and support for the application process and disbursement of scholarship funds while students continue at SCC or transfer to a four-year institution.  The Veterans Service Office assists veteran students as they transition from military life to student life. Veterans, active duty, reservists, and their dependents/spouses, are provided access to their VA education benefits and many support services to assist them in successfully meeting their educational goals.

​Science Teaching and Resource (STAR) Center (B-203)(714) 628-4955

STAR provides academic support for students enrolled in science courses, including student-led study groups, faculty-developed activities and workshops. Instructors and trained staff are available to individually help students.

Stu​dent Discipline (A-201)     (714) 628-4932

This office is for students who have violated the Student code of Conduct.  The code of Conduct can be found in the college catalog as well as the student handbook.

​Student Health & Wellness Services (SHWS) (T-102)(714) 628-4773

Provides campus-based California Family PACT services including free contraception, STI testing, treatment and cervical cancer screening. All Family PACT products and testing are available free to income qualified students. Walk-in vaccinations for tetanus and influenza are available as well as tuberculosis testing. Physicians and psychological services are available by appointment; registered nurses are available during all hours of operation on a walk-in basis to enrolled students who have paid the health fee.

​TRIO - Student Support Services (A-104)    
(714) 628-5033

TRIO is a federally funded program designed to support students' academic trajectory. They provide first generation/low income students who demonstrate academic need, support services (tutoring, counseling, workshops, etc.) to ensure that students meet their academic goals.

​Transfer Success Center (TSC)​ (D-104)        ​(714) 628-4865

Provides resources, services, and trained specialists to assist students who are preparing to transfer to a four-year college or university.