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The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandate that colleges provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. If you have received an accommodation letter from one of your students, this means the student is registered with Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) and has appropriate disability documentation on file. ​ Please refer to the list below for​ facilitation directions, helpful tips, and ​explanations  for some of the most frequently approved accommodations. If you have questions or concerns on accommodations, please contact DSPS directly at (714 628-4860.


Did you receive testing accommodation from one of your students?

This means the student has an approved accommodation to take their test in DSPS for either extended time, a distraction reduced setting, or another approved accommodation.

How will I know if the student will take the test in DSPS or not?

It is the students responsibility to schedule an appointment with DSPS at least one week in advance, and then remind their instructor the class period before the test. 

How do I get the test to DSPS?

Tests may be delivered to the DSPS Office in E-105, e-mailed to or faxed to us at (714) 532-4684. Please attach a Test ​Proc​​t​or​ Form​ to all tests.

What if the student is in my online class?

If you received an accommodation notification for your online class, please extend the time on Canvas based on what is approved on the notification. 

Need help extending the time in Canvas? 

Directions on Extending Time in Canvas LMS.



If you have questions about facilitating approved accommodations for your Online, Remote Live, Remote Blended, or Hybrid class, please contact our office 714-628-4860 or email​.



Did you receive a notetaker accommodation from one of your students?

This means a notetaker is being requested for the indicated section of your class as a disability-related academic accommodation.  Your assistance is needed in meeting this request. We ask that you please solicit the help of a student volunteer in the class to take notes on carbonless paper so that notes are available to the student after each class session. DSPS will provide the paper, or if preferred, notes may be photocopied in the DSPS office. You can also recommend the notetaker to use photos as a method of delivery for notes. Students may use apps such as Genius Scan or Cam Scan to convert their notes to a PDF file.

Who should be selected as a volunteer notetaker?

Volunteer notetakers should be good students who are able to produce clear, well-organized notes.  As an incentive, DSPS provides notetakers with priority registration for the following semester, provided they fulfill their notetaking responsibilities and are in good academic standing. Students who agree to serve as notetakers must register with DSPS at the beginning of the semester.

How should the announcement be made?

Please keep the student's identity confidential when making the announcement that a volunteer notetaker is being sought to assist this student. The student and volunteer notetaker should meet privately after class to discuss how notes will be made available.

A sample announcement and a video are included below to help you identify a volunteer notetaker.

Sample Announcement:

I am looking for a student to volunteer to share class notes with another student in the class who needs a notetaker. As an incentive for volunteering, the notetaker will receive priority registration for next semester. If you are a student who takes good notes and are willing to help, please see me after class to pick-up an information sheet which will explain the next steps for registering as a volunteer notetaker.


Did you receive an audio record accommodation from one of your students?

This means the student has an approved accommodation to audio record the class lectures. Please notify the student if recording needs to stop due to a sensitive lecture, or if the class material is not appropriate to record.

How will the student audio record the lectures?

The student has the opportunity to check out a digital audio recorder from DSPS if approved. Students may also use their personal devices such as a cell phone.

As reinterated in the sgined student contract

"I am responisble for requesting my accommodation letters in a timely matter for each class term (consistent with the DSPS accommodation procedures).

If I am eligible for note-taking assistance and/or audio recording of lectures, it is for my use only, and I shall not share or post any material. All audio reco​rdings must be deleted at the end of the class term."​



Did you receive a notification of a sign language interpreter for one of your students?

This means that an interpreter will facilitate the communication between the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) student(s) and the instructor and other classmates.

Where will the interpreter be?

There will be a designated chair for the interpreter in the classroom.

What happens if the interpreter does not show up?

Please contact DSPS immediately if student is in class but the interpreter is not.

What happens if a student using interpreting services misses multiple class sessions?

If a student misses any three (3) class sessions during the semester without notifying the DSPS/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services office, the interpreting/captioning services will be suspended after the third absence. The student will be asked to sign a Student No-Show Policy & Procedures form each semester he or she requests interpreting services.

​Looking for additional resources?​

Please view Successful Communication With Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.pdf