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Computer Standards of Conduct and Usage


In accordance with Board Policy 7000 and Administrative Regulation 7000, and in an effort to extend the life of the hardware, comply with the copyright laws, and adhere to appropriate computer network conduct and usage, the following standards of conduct are required of all students using computers in the Santiago Canyon College [SCC] Library and the wireless network.  Failure to comply with the following standards will result in the suspension of a student’s Library privileges and possibly other sanctions such as removal from class, suspension, expulsion or other disciplinary actions. 

Some of the SCC computing systems/resources provide access to outside networks, public and/or private.  Users are advised that they may encounter material which may be considered inappropriate in nature or content.  Users are further advised that neither SCC nor the Rancho Santiago Community College District assume responsibility for the content of any of these outside networks. Policies and regulations of the college, state, and federal law are applicable to all library computing resources and systems.


All users of this system/network must read, understand, and comply with the standards outlined in this document.  BY SIGNING-In and USING THE LIBRARY COMPUTER SYSTEMS/RESOURCES, A USER AGREES THAT HE/SHE UNDERSTANDS AND WILL COMPLY WITH THESE POLICIES.



·         Primary use of library computer systems/resources is for academic/educational purposes only. 

·         The primary users of the Library computer system/resources are current SCC students. 

o        Non-students [including SCC faulty/staff, Orange Continuing Education students/faculty/staff, Santa Ana College students/faculty/staff, District staff, and general community users may use Library computers and be logged-in as guest users

o        High school students must have parental or legal guardian permission in the form of a completed “High School Student Library User Application”on file at the Library in order to use library computers

o        Other minor children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

·         No games, multiple-user game playing, gambling

·         Librarians reserve the right to limit the amount of time that a user may occupy a computer especially during peak student usage periods in order to insure equitable access to all students

  • Any computer work has to be saved to the user’s external storage medium, e.g., diskette, CD/DVD, or flash drive
    • Library is not responsible for damage to or loss of a user’s external storage medium
    • Library is not responsible for any lost work 

·         No user is allowed to knowingly access, alter, introduce a contaminant to damage, delete, destroy, copy, disrupt, or otherwise misuse any data, software, or hardware, which exists internal or external to computer, computer system or computer network in the Rancho Santiago Community District, including Santiago Canyon College. 

  • No user shall use the computers to reproduce copyrighted materials or remove copyrighted material from a Library computer or computer network. 
  • Loading software onto a Library computer is not permitted for anyone.  Users will only use software in Library computers that has been approved by the librarians and loaded by library staff
  • Copying or introducing a computer virus onto a Library computer in any form is never permitted by anyone and is subject to disciplinary action.  
  • Using the Internet to access inappropriate material (i.e. nudity, pornography, etc.) is not allowed and will not be tolerated.  Violations will be reported to the Director of Student Services or Campus Security for immediate removal of the student from the Library and referred for disciplinary action. 
  • Sending or receiving messages which are racist or inflammatory, abusive toward a specific gender or culture, obscene, or are otherwise inconsistent with the District’s policies is not allowed and subject to disciplinary action. 
  • Sending your email message with someone else’s name as the author is not allowed. 
  • Using the network for personal or commercial advertising or political activity is not allowed. 
  • Using the computer for illegal use is not allowed.




REV. 5/08/08

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