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SCC's Student Math League 

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What is Student Math League?

Student Math League (SML) is a league sponsored by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) that competes in a national math competition called the AMATYC SML Competition. We are called the SCC Student Math League and we compete against more than 165 community colleges throughout the nation. This really is a great opportunity to see how you measure up against other math students in the nation with no real down side.

How do I know if I am eligible?

If you are a Santiago Canyon College student and has not yet earned a two-year or four-year degree, then you are eligible to participate to compete nationally and locally here at SCC.

To be eligible for the national grand prize, in addition to meeting general eligibility requirements, a student must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 semester hours (or equivalent quarter hours) of community college (two-year college) coursework by the end of the academic term in which the second exam is given. Students enrolled in a four-year institution or in high school at the time of the competition are not eligible for the grand prize, nor are previous recipients of the grand prize. Official transcripts and a letter signed by the student and local moderator certifying eligibility will be required in order to award the prize. The scholarship must be used within two years of its award at the conference; if it is not, two scholarships will be awarded in the next year's competition.

How do I Join?

There is no membership, just join your peers on the day of the exam and sign in upon arrival. As long as you are in a math class of Pre-Calculus or higher, you can easily participate by competing in the two-part-annual competition. The SCC Math Club promotes and participates in the competition every semester, so feel free to ask a member if you are interested.

What are the benefits in participating? 

Aside from the chance to win scholarship money or other awards described below, taking this challenging, standardized test can be a valuable experience in preparation for exams that may be required later in your education. Taking this test now might help you later if you decide to take the GRE, the MSAT, the LSAT or other qualifying exams. 

Can I win anything if I do well on the exam?

The top three combined scores at Santiago Canyon College will receive a prize (in the past, prizes have ranged from cash, gift certificates, calculators, etc.) along with a certificate. The exact amount varies from year to year.

In addition, the national grand prize for the qualified individual with the highest total score in the nation on the two exams is $3,000. The top ten national ranking individuals will receive appropriate prizes of a mathematical nature. To be eligible for a national award, a participant must compete on both exams.

Can I use a calculator?

Students are permitted to use any scientific or graphics calculator that does not have a QWERTY (i.e. typewriter) keyboard.

What format is the exam?

You will have one hour to complete 20 (mostly) multiple-choice questions. In general, students are not expected to be able to answer all of the questions. For multiple-choice questions, there is a penalty for incorrect responses. Correct responses are worth 2 points and 1/2 point is subtracted for each incorrect response. Unless you can eliminate one or more choices, you should not attempt to guess the answer.

How can I practice for the exam so I can do well?

There are previous exams used for practice on the left menu of this webpage. On occasion, we have preparation sessions a week before the exam, usually announced by your math faculty or local SCC Math Club member. 

When is the AMATYC SML Competition?

The AMATYC SML Competition is a two-part exam and takes place once in Fall semester and once in Spring semester. These dates are usually announced by your Math teacher or the Math Club.

Where does the competition take place?

The AMATYC SML Competition is conveniently located at Santiago Canyon College. The room is to be announced.

What time is the competition?

The competition takes place typically on the first Friday in November (Round 1) and the first Friday in March (Round 2) in the morning from 8-10 a.m. in room SC-133. Ask your math instructor for further details. 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Darlene Diaz at Thanks! We look forward to seeing you at the next competition.