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Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Certificates of Completion

School Year 2017-2018

In less than a year, you can prepare for successful employment by earning a certificate of completion!
workforce Preparation classes are FREE and offered fall, spring, and summer semesters. Classes are open entry, which means you can start at any time, pending available space. Classes can be taken individually or as part of a certificate sequence.

Certificate of Completion in Employment Readiness


  • WKPR-003 Getting Around Town 
  • WKPR-004 Choosing the Right Employment Path 
  • WKPR-005 Safety on the Job

Certificate of Completion in Technical Skills for Higher Learning

  • WKPR-009 Beginning Computers
  • WKPR-008 Building Critical Thinking Skills

Certificate of Completion in Transition to Higher Learning

  • WKPR-001 Transition to Higher Learning
  • WKPR-002 Self-Advocacy
Certificate of Completion in Effective Communication Skills
  • WKPR-007 Social Skills and Necessary Etiquette
  • WKPR-006 Communication Skills for Successful Employment

with Disabilities Course Descriptions 



WKPR- 001



Transition to Higher Learning

This course is designed to prepare students for the college experience by equipping them with problem solving, communication, and goal setting skills. The students will be exposed to the expectations of non-credit classes, certification options, and campus resources.




WKPR- 002





Students will identify their strengths and weaknesses. Student will define realistic goals, objectives, and the skills needed to reach goals. Students will learn how to

communicate in a respectful and responsible way, learn rights and laws that pertain to people with disabilities, and identify advocacy groups.

WKPR- 006

Communication Skills for Successful Employment
This course is designed to help student improve communication skills related to employment.





WKPR- 008





Building Critical Thinking Skills

This course is intended to prepare students to develop acquiring, or improving, critical thinking skills necessary to function independently in a variety of activities, situation, and environments for successful employment.  Emphasis on problem solving and decision-making through understanding and evaluating situations, utilizing knowledge of cause and effect relationships, exploring options and planning and implementing strategies.


WKPR- 003


Getting Around Town

A class designed for students to enhance independence by introduction to safe practices and knowledge about using public transportation.



WKPR- 004



Choosing the Right Employment Path

This course is intended to assist students in establishing clear and realistic occupational goals. Students will assess their interests and abilities in order to establish attainable objectives to achieve their goal.  Students will explore resources for employment in their chosen occupational field.



WKPR- 005



Safety on the Job

This course is designed to introduce students to personal safety awareness. Students will be present with proactive steps to take to avoid dangerous situations in the community, on the job, and at home. Students will be presented with very basic techniques for self-defense and first aid.




WKPR- 007




Social Skills and Necessary Etiquette

This course is designed to introduce students to an overview of appropriate social skills at school, work, and in the community.  Various areas of social skills at school, work, and in the community.  Various areas of social skills challenges and coping strategies will be taught and explored through examples in their own lives and through instructional materials.



WKPR- 009



Beginning Computers

Provides students with introductory instruction in keyboarding by touch and develop for basic computer applications such as, but not limited to, Windows, word processing, data entry, PowerPoint, email, and Internet navigation.

Contact Information

--College and Workforce Preparation Center (CWPC)
   1572 N. Main Street
   Orange, CA 92867
--OEC Provisional Education Facility (CHAP) 
   1937 W. Chapman Avenue, Suite 200
   Orange, CA 92868

Angela Guevara 
  Asst. Professor/Coordinator of Adults with Disabilities
  Phone: 714-628-5987