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Programs for Adults with Disabilities

​​​Our programs support students in reaching their academic, professional and personal goals. We offer individual courses and certificate options.  All classes are 100% tuition-free to adults living in California. 

  • Get workforce training needed for employment
  • Learn communication and technology skills
  • Develop academic skills to prepare for college

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Certificate with badge Icon.png Certificate Options

Employment Readiness Certificate
  • WKPR-003 Getting Around Town
  • WKPR-004 Choosing the Right Employment Path
  • WKPR-005 Safety on the Job
Basic Employment Skills Certificate
  • WKPR-011Introduction to Handling Money
  • WKPR-013 Applying Writing Skills on the Job
Effective Communication Skills Certificate
  • WKPR-007 Social Skills and Necessary Etiquette
  • WKPR-006 Communication Skills for Successful Employment
Transition to Higher Learning Certificate
  • WKPR-001 Transition to Higher Learning
  • WKPR-002 Self-Advocacy​​
Leadership Skills Certificate
  • WKPR-014 Basic Finances in the Workplace
  • WKPR-015 Public Communication
Technical Skills for Higher Learning
  • WKPR-009 Beginning Computers
  • WKPR-008 Building Critical Thinking Skills

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Suggested criteria ​​students shou​ld be able to demonstrate to participate in the above courses:

  1. Likely to benefit from group instruction. 
  2. Ability to independently perform schoolwork with minimal assistance.
  3. Ability to follow directions and learn tasks. 
  4. Attention span to participate in hour-long classes in a setting with distractions. 
  5. Language comprehension skills to participate in the educational program. 
  6. Receptive and expressive language skills. 
  7. Behavioral and emotional responses in compliance with the SCC Student Code of Conduct.
  8. Independence with personal care and self-direction​

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