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Adult Basic Education

​                                                                  Link to OEC Apply & Reg.​​​
The Adult Basic Education​ program is designed to strengthen basic skills in reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, math, English usage, and grammar.  This course helps improve basic skills.  Emphasis is placed on life skills that individuals use every day.  A computerized, integrated learning system is available to students enrolled in the course. 

Demonstrated competency in Adult Basic Education qualifies the student to enter the High School Subjects Program, GED Program, or if appropriate, college credit courses.  This program is also utilized by ESL students transitioning to the High School Subjects Program.

Steps to register:
Visit the Counseling Office, register to enter the program, and make an appointment for a placement test. 
We are located at Santiago Canyon College, Room U-80 or College and Workforce Preparation Center (CWPC). If you need additional information, please call us at 714-628-5929 or 714-628-5999.
  1. Take a proficiency.
  2. Meet with a counselor​ to develop an education plan.
  3. Concurrent enrollment and transfer options to Santiago Canyon College are available.
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