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What is Canvas?​

In a traditional school, you have classrooms. When you go to your classroom, your teacher, class materials and fellow students are all there. Canvas is like your traditional school, but online. When you login to Canvas, you can access your online classes.  

Where can I access Canvas?

Option 1: Go to  ​
Option 2: Click on the box below.

What is my username and password for login?

Your username is your WebAdvisor ID.  It is a combination of two letters and 5 numbers. 
For example:  jh12345

Your password is your birthday. 
For example, if your birthday is April 26, 1990, your password will be: Apr261990​​

How do I get my Webadvisor ID or Reset my password?
You can get this information in our Webadvisor Application.

How can I access Canvas on my smartphone? 

Click on the links below for step by step instructions.

Aplicacion CANVAS

Need more assistance? 

Our Registration team can help!

Chat with us online or call 714-628-5900.

First time logging into Canvas?​

​If you have never taken an online class before, it may take up to 24 hours for your Canvas account to be created from the time you register in the online course.​ 

It might take up to 24 hours from the time you sign-​up for a class to appear​ in your Canvas account 
(Email your instructor/s  to let them know that you have registered in the class).​
If you are being redirected to the OpenCCC apply page, please follow the directions below.​​​​

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