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Real Estate License Information

Salesperson License Educational Requirements:

ALWAYS check the web site for the most current, complete and authoritative information before proceeding with meeting license or exam requirements.

Education requirements for new salesperson applicants include three courses as follows:

1. Real Estate Principles (RE102);

2. Real Estate Practice (RE105), 

3. One course from the following list of choices:

  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate (RE 103)
  • Real Estate Finance (RE 106)
  • Real Estate Economics (RE 110)
  • Property Management (RE 112)
  • Appraisal Principles & Procedures (RE 114)
  • Business Law (BUS 101 or 105)
  • Accounting (ACCT 101)

    Broker License Educational Requirements:

    All applicants for the real estate broker’s license exam must have completed 24 units of college-level courses (eight 3-unit courses) in approved real estate and business classes.  There are also experience requirements that must be satisfied, in addition to the educational requirements. For the requirements to take the state broker’s test see the California Department of Real estate website at for specific licensing requirements.

    For further information about California Real Estate licenses, contact the State Department of Real Estate:  Telephone in Sacramento, California (916) 227-0931.