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President's Message on Accreditation


Interim President Jose F. Vargas

Accreditation is an important process of continuous improvement that involves undergoing a thorough evaluation that focuses on quality standards that help to strengthen colleges.

Santiago Canyon College's accreditation was reaffirmed for six years following a visit in October 2014.  Today, the college maintains its accreditation status and is in the beginning stages of a renewal cycle.  The process involves the development of an Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER), the submittal of the ISER to the accreditation commission in August 2021, followed by a review of the ISER from an accreditation team in October 2021, and culminates with a focused site visit from the same accreditation team in March 2022.

At just 20 years old as an independently accredited institution, Santiago Canyon College is one of the newest community colleges in California.  In its brief history, the college has grown rapidly while maintaining a well-deserved reputation for excellence that provides students with a rigorous, high quality education in a supportive environment that facilitates learning and the achievement of academic and/or training goals.   ​