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Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)

Welcome to Santiago Canyon College, home of the Hawks! We are excited to incorporate the Student Success and Support Program into the SCC student experience.

​The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) supports the transition of new students into the college by providing them services that promote academic achievement and successful completion of degrees, transfer preparation, career technical education certificates, or career advancement.

Wondering what all of this means? Well, let us break it down for you.

Student Success Requirements 
As a part of SSSP, new students are required to complete the following core services: assessment (placement testing), orientation, and advisement. These services must be completed in order for a student to access their priority registration time (trust us, priority registration is hard to come by as a new student): 

1. Placement Testing (Assessment)
There are two methods available to students to determine the most appropriate placement in math and English classes at SCC:

  1. If you graduated from high school within the past 10 years, you may bring a copy of your official high school transcripts to the Counseling Center and meet with a counselor to determine math and English placement.  In many cases, we can utilize your performance in high school coursework to recommend appropriate placement in math and English classes at SCC.  For more information, please contact​​ the Counseling Center at (714) 628-4800 or visit the Counseling website by clicking here​.
  2. You may take traditional placement tests in math, English or American College English for ESL prior to registering at SCC. Placement testing is done by appointment only. You can schedule your placement tests through our online system at

If you recently completed placement tests and/or completed English, math, or another course that meets a prerequisite requirement at a regionally accredited college, you may be exempt from taking SCC's placement tests. To determine your eligibility, contact the Counseling Department at 714-628-4800 and ask for a "course prerequisite clearance" appointment.

Students who require disability accommodations for placement test can contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at (714) 628-4860. ​

2. New Student Orientation 
New school, new people, new instructors, new course material. We get anxious just thinking about it, so we can only imagine how you feel. That is why we developed the SCC new student orientation. Orientation will provide you with a thorough insight to everything that is SCC! From what to expect in your first days here on campus to creating your first semester course schedule (also known as an abbreviated education plan). Our counselors conduct orientation sessions to make sure you are equipped with the information and resource awareness you need to excel here at SCC. 

3. Advising
It's tough work creating your course schedule on your own. Our Counseling team is prepared to assist you. Counselors will work with you during scheduled appointments, educational planning workshops, and/or orientation to help you create your academic plan. 

An abbreviated plan is usually best for incoming new students as well as for students who are not quite sure about which major they wish to declare. These plans provide one or two semesters of recommended courses to take based on your educational goals (and placement test results). 

Once a student feels confident that they know what course of study (major) they wish to pursue, we suggest they schedule an appointment with a counselor to complete a comprehensive student education plan. This plan provides students with all the necessary coursework that should be taken at SCC to pursue their educational goals. It is important to note that comprehensive education plans must be completed by the third semester but no later than completing 15 degree applicable units. 

​ Our faculty and staff are excited to welcome you to the SCC family. We strive to help all students achieve their educational goals and believe that completing these core services are the first steps to doing just that! However, if you would like to seek exemption from any one of these services, a request to be exempt from completing one or more core services is available on the Admissions & Records website. Exemption approval requires that students provide sufficient justification for their request.​