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Real Estate Online Course Orientation Information



How This Course Operates

After you have registered, make a note in your calendar to send an e-mail message to your instructor during the week before the course begins. Identify the name of the course in the subject line of your message (if you are enrolled in more than one on-line course send a separate for each course). Send your message to your instructor.

Course Web Address 

The course web page address for chapter assignments and other information is  Make sure you read the FAQ and Course Overview (click on the button marked COURSE INFORMATION) before starting the chapter assignments. Look for your instructors in STAFF INFORMATION.

Lesson Assignments 

Lesson assignments and schedules can be accessed by clicking on the ASSIGNMENTS button. Be sure you complete ALL the reading before starting the rest of the assignments, even if you are sure from the title that you probably don't need to read that section. Complete everything for each lesson before moving to the next.

Textbook and Supplementary Lesson Materials 

You need to purchase the textbook for this course. This course relies on the specific textbook readings and all test questions will be based on this text as well. You may order your textbook online at Please order your textbook early to allow time for shipping.


The instructor will take attendance by evaluating student interaction within the course and with the course materials, assignments, discussions, and communication with the instructor and fellow students. Students who are not meeting attendance expectations will be contacted by the instructor. If, after the instructor initiated contact, the student is still not meeting attendance expectations the student will be dropped from the course immediately. Email is commonly used by the instructor to provide you with feedback and course announcements. Be sure to check your email on a regular basis, preferably every day, to see if there is a message with important instructions for you. Please log in and participate in discussions frequently. Activity within Blackboard (assignments, discussions, assessments, etc.) will be expected 4 – 6 days a week. Also be sure to complete all class activities when they are due so that you are not dropped from the class.

Course Schedule 

This is not a self-paced class. There are definite due dates for each lesson, and they move at a surprisingly rapid pace. Do not procrastinate or you can quickly become overwhelmed. Be sure to complete all activities BY THE DATE INDICATED in the Assignment Schedule document. It can be very easy to get behind in an online class because we must depend on ourselves to adhere to the schedule. Without a classroom to sit in, it can be too easy to forget or put off the class activities. Successful students, on the other hand, pay close attention to the pacing of the course and do the work as it is assigned.

Self-Assessment Quizzes 

Each chapter has online self-assessment quizzes for student activities. Be sure you have answered EVERY question (guess if you don’t know but don’t leave anything blank) because the testing software will give an error if you leave any answer blank. These formative assessments are designed to help you learn the material. Please take advantage of these quizzes to assess what material you may need to understand better, instead of focusing on the grade you receive. Please read and become familiar with the course syllabus, which outlines the course grading structure.

Online Tests 

Tests are given online through Blackboard. Each test section can be accessed only once. These tests are all CLOSED BOOK tests, to be completed WITHOUT ANY OUTSIDE HELP, on the honor system.

Eligibility for State License Exam 

If you receive a letter grade of "C" or better or "Credit" on your transcript, you qualify to take the California State Real Estate Salesperson's License Exam. Call the Department of Real Estate at 877-373-4542 or go to the web at for details if you have questions about this test or the eligibility requirements. Your official transcript is usually available within 4-6 weeks after the semester ends and can be obtained from the Admissions office at Santiago Canyon College. You can contact them directly at 714/628-4901 for further information.

Common Problems

Email didn’t go through; email message was bounced; got an error message saying Instructor’s email address doesn’t exist. These problems usually indicate that there was a "typo" in the mail address. Unfortunately, the Internet is just as unforgiving as the telephone; if you dial a wrong digit, you won’t get connected to the person you were trying to call and if you type even one character incorrectly, the email message can't be delivered. Check the address very carefully and try again.

I tried to connect but the Canvas server was down. Canvas is rarely down. If you are experiencing a problem logging in it is likely due to a password problem. If you attempt to log in to Canvas 3 times in a row unsuccessfully you will be locked out (unable to log in) for a period of 30 minutes. If you cannot log in two times in a row, please reset your password in WebAdvisor and then try again. Navigate to WebAdvisor at and click on “What’s My Password?” to reset your password. If you still cannot log in, please contact our help desk at (714) 564-4357.

I can connect from school (or work) but have problems connecting from home. P​lease contact our help desk at (714) 628-4764.

I sent an email from my email account but never got any response. Please check your spam folder and ensue that the email address you sent the email to is correct and try again.

Plan for Computer or Internet Failure 

It is imperative that you stay connected and active in an online class. Please make arrangements in the event your computer breaks or your internet service is down. Mobile devices and tablets are not sufficient to complete an online class. If you do experience an outage or have limited internet access, please consider using SCC’s library computers. Sharing a friend’s computer may not be sufficient to complete all of the assignments you will have in an online class.

It is imperative that you have continual access to a reliable computer and high speed internet service.

Tips & Suggestions 

You should be comfortable accessing the Internet and using a web browser. Please download and install the free Chrome web browser. Use Chrome to log in to Canvas. Chrome has the fewest compatibility problems with Canvas. Have a backup web browser available in case you are experiencing a problem with Chrome (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Technical Prerequisites

While you are enrolling and taking your course online, you will need access to:

  • An internet connection
  • A reliable computer
  • Two web browsers (Using Firefox as your primary browser)
  • An email address (it is helpful to add and to your safe senders list).

Accessing Canvas

Your Canvas course will is located at Canvas Log in . After you are registered the college will provide you with a log on and password. Please log in to Canvas before the course begins to ensure you have access to Canvas. The course will be available 2 days before the official class start date. 

Final Thoughts

To be successful in an online course, students must be able to regulate their own study activities and plan when coursework will be completed. The due dates for each self-assessment quiz assignment indicate​s when they must be COMPLETED, not when to begin the activity. Since each chapter and self-assessment quiz takes a bit of time to complete, and since computer access is NEVER completely reliable, please don't make the mistake of postponing your self-assessment quizzes until the last minute.

Your instructors will check in with you regularly to provide you with feedback and to give you the opportunity to ask questions. Please make yourself available for these regular contacts. Pay close attention to the due dates for each activity, especially the test due dates, which are available only for a VERY SHORT period. Please make note of these due dates and arrange to take the test during those periods because you will not have another opportunity once the date passes.

 If you find you cannot keep up with the material due to other scheduling conflicts or things happening in your life, please let us know right away. If you simply "fade away," you run the risk of receiving a grade of "F" on your transcripts. Another benefit of contacting the instructors is that you MAY be able to transfer to another section rather than have a "W" show on your transcript and forfeit your tuition payments. So please discuss any change in plans with us.

Updated 09/18