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Player Comments - Women's Soccer Team



SCC will forever be my home. This program and the coaches taught me so much about myself, how to be a leader and improved me as a player and as a person. I love this program and I'm sad to leave. Once a Hawk, always a Hawk. Tara Hansel, Santiago HS

The program cares about us as players and as people. I have grown as a player and got my love for playing soccer back. It also gave me a great platform to move on to continue playing soccer. Thank you. Kendra Koerth, Calvary Chapel HS

The program values positivity and the coaches are open and easy to communicate with. I have really grown as a person and as a player. Chloe Helenihi, Edison HS

There is a togetherness in this team. Rarely are people singled out. We all want to be here and to play. We are respected and respect one another. I'm going to miss this team and everyone who is a part of it. It's my soccer home. Miranda Lopez, Corona HS

I am very grateful to be a part of this program. I have loved every second. I met some great people. The support I have received is insane. Miranda Diaz Casarrubias, Trabuco Hills HS

I will forever remember everyone of my team-mates and all the memories we've made. They have all made  my life better and made me smile on days where I felt like I couldn't. No matter where life takes everyone, I know if I called anyone on this team, they would answer. I'm so happy I came here and got to experience history being made at SCC. I will forever cherish these moments. Thank you all. Makayla Gutierrez, La Habra HS.

Everyone gets along well and plays for each other. I got close to this team and they motivated me to be the best I can be. Ariana Radilla, Century HS

I have met important people who have helped so much, as well as created relationships that I will cherish for a very long time Thank you for the opportunity. Emma Carton, El Toro HS

It has been a great season with memories I won't forget and will be forever in my heart. Courtney Carbajal, Anaheim HS

I'm really glad I was part of this program. It has helped me grow as a person. Jessica Santuci, Brea Olinda HS

The players are all strong players that I enjoyed playing with. I made a big group of friends I will remember forever. Cece Roghair, Edison HS

The coaches care about all the players. It has been great getting to play another year with my sister and winning a State Championship. Hannah Roskelly, Valencia HS

I've met really nice girls and a best friend I would have never met if I didn't play here. Ashley Dart, Yorba Linda HS

I have met so many amazing girls and created so many memories with them that I'll cherish forever. Jackie Alba Diaz, Hillcrest HS

This has truly been such a rewarding experience. I've not only become a better player but a better person as well SCC will always have a special place in my heart. Ashley Roskelly, Valencia HS

I made friendships and enjoyed the time here. Gigi Soto, Chino Hills HS.

I improved as a player and as a person and got more confidence. Katie Lopez, El Dorado HS

It's been great. I made lifelong memories and friends to be thankful for. Thanks. Alexis Evans, Santiago HS

Being part of this program has definitely been a positive impact on my life. It is a great experience and have been able to create amazing friendships. Stephanie Tenorio, Valencia HS.

The strengths this program has are astounding. The history behind the SCC W. Soccer team is powerful. The drive and pride in this program is amazing, and I am thankful to be a part of it. Emily Diplock, El Dorado HS.


The program made me feel so welcome and it truly felt like a family. It was amazing having people surround me that believed in my highest potential. I’m going to miss the team, the coaches and this program so much. Angelica Ortega, Esperanza HS.

This has been the best year of my life. The coaches not only care about the soccer part but they care about the athlete as a whole. They are here to create and shape well-rounded young women. I am going to miss this program with all my heart. It has turned my life around and I’m lucky to be a part of it. Luli Bethencourt, El Dorado HS.

The biggest strength is the family aspect. I love that SCC is my second home. The coaches care about each and every player, and their goals and background. The team is all friends and there is no drama, leading to better team chemistry on the field. This program has helped me grow as a player and as a person. SCC is the perfect school for me. Tara Hansel, Santiago HS (Corona)

Love these girls. Love these coaches. Love this program. There is respect for everyone. Thanks for convincing me to come to SCC. I probably wouldn’t have been playing soccer otherwise. Dianica Serrano, Esperanza HS.

It is a strong program that focuses on improving people on and off the field. It has set me up to be better in life and always work hard to meet my potential. Haley McDevitt, Woodbridge HS.

The strengths of the program are the great connection between the girls, the communication, the practices, the academics, the togetherness and the organization of the program. It was the best program I have ever been with. Everyone is including, positive and loving. It was the best decision to switch over to this school. Sophie Saouma, Esperanza HS.

This has been a positive experience. Meeting the nice girls and having such a positive energy around me makes everyday a good day. Makayla Gutierrez, La Habra HS.

I love the organization and consistency of the coaching staff. This program has changed me for the better as a soccer player and it has taught me life skills I plan to take with me. Thank you for an amazing two years. Victoria Phillips, San Clemente HS.

Everyone gets along. Everyone’s dedicated and committed. Everyone brings it all the time to practice and games. I enjoyed playing with these amazing, skilled and dedicated players, and I am glad I had the chance to be coached by amazing coaches. Ariana Radilla, Century HS.

I learned so many unique things about everyone. We built up as individuals and then came together as a team. Alexis Evans, Santiago HS (Corona).

The girls all wanted the same goal and worked hard for each other. The team never settled for being good. It always wanted to be better. Gillian Kliss, Canyon HS.

Everyone feels apart of this team from the beginning. I’ve made friends for life. These girls helped me get out of my shell. Giselle Betancourt, Garden Grove HS.

This program gave me confidence and a love of the game again. You leave SCC more prepared for your next step in life. Thank you for everything you have done for this team. Emily Larsen, Calvary Chapel HS.

I think this program has changed my life for the better. These girls are special, the staff is special. I feel lucky to be apart of it. I love this team. Kaci Montoya, Ocean View HS.

This program is very strong because of the amount of the work the coaching staff put in. It has had a great influence on me. It has brought me so many memories that I will cherish. April Gonzalez, Valencia HS.

This program doesn’t only focus on the soccer but also the education and the grades of the players. I loved my time here.  Anahi Abundis, Los Amigos HS.

Passing the torch, this program was life changing. The challenges and accomplishments all brought joy. I am sad that it has come to an end. A big thank you. Ofelia Sosa Cruz, Marina HS.

I have met so many new people who are hardworking and dedicated to achieving their goals. Tabytha Smith, Estancia HS.

This has been a very positive experience. I have made some lifelong friendships. I improved as a player and enjoyed being part of a great team. This is an experience I will never forget. Kendra Koerth, Calvary Chapel HS.

It’s a life changing experience from start to finish and I wish it would never end. I wish Santiago Canyon was a four-year school. Ashley Roskelly, Valencia HS.

This program has been a very positive experience for me. I grew not only to love the sport, but it made me a stronger person and woman who appreciates the Hawks family. I am very thankful. Suki Sukphum, Kennedy HS.

I’m a better TEAM player and person. I’ve never been a part of a team that grinds it out so much for one another.  Alexis Osso, Estancia HS.

I’ve completely changed as a person and all the people I have met at Santiago Canyon have been amazing.  Jessica Neighbors, Edison HS.

I’ve loved this experience with the team and the staff. Emma Carton, El Toro HS.

Being involved in this program has been a really fun and positive experience for me.  Jessica Santuci, Brea Olinda HS.

The Women’s Soccer Program allowed me to be better and understand I can still improve. It helped me love soccer and work harder than I ever had. This was a golden team. Miranda Lopez, Corona HS.


Player Comments 2017

I love the positive environment we are in. All of the coaches have high expectations but they are never negative. I have grown a lot as a player and have fallen back in love with my sport. I really had a great year.  I’m so glad I chose to come to Santiago Canyon. Tori Phillips, San Clemente HS.

This soccer program has helped me in multiple ways. These girls and this team are like family and they make me smile. Every day I always looked forward to going to practice. We have coaches that know what they are doing and are also very supportive. Thank you. Kennedi Hauck, El Dorado HS

Everyone in this program is like family and here to help on and off the field. Having a team and coaching staff that is so supportive helps you achieve your goals. These last two years have made me a better person and player. I loved playing here and getting to make life-long friends. Taylor Asciak, Yorba Linda HS.

We play for each other. We get great support from our professors and the school. We have an amazing athletic trainer and there is a great bond between the girls. It has been an honor to play for Santiago Canyon. Sukanya Sukphum, Kennedy HS.

The community as a whole is supportive, loving and always there for all of us. We are known for our talent but don’t take it for granted. I have grown and learned a lot. I loved being a part of this team. Cassie Soto, Mater Dei HS.

I have never been in a more committed and positive program. I like how close the team is. I like the program because this is where champions are made. This program has taught me more about soccer than club ever did. I am excited for next year. Ofelia Sosa, Marina HS.

I like the environment with the girls and how they have become like family to me. I have met some amazing people through this program and have seen a positive change in myself as well in both my playing and my fitness. Haley McDevitt, Woodbridge HS.

There is a selflessness about the program. I have made great friends and learned a lot from my coaches. Carlie Dela Torre, Sunny Hills HS.

Thank you. The best 2 years of soccer I have had. I wish it was a 4 year school. I have loved every minute of it. I loved the program’s core values and I will never forget the values I have learned here. Maddy Solder, Capistrano Valley HS.

I met a lot of great people here and have been given the opportunity to keep playing soccer and sharing what I love with others. Gillian Kliss, Canyon HS

This program brought me back to life and made me love soccer again. The core-values and the foundation of the program are amazing. I love being a Hawk and I’ll always represent with pride and positivity. Luli Bethancourt, El Dorado HS.

It is a positive environment. Everyone works hard. This program has helped me grow as a player and make new friendships. April Gonzalez, Valencia HS

This program has a lot of strong coaches with great experience who know how to lead us to success. Raeann Artim, University HS.

The program is well-organized and professional. I am very happy that I decided to come to Santiago Canyon and I am excited for the future. Jessica Neighbors, Edison HS.

The strengths in this program are the good team spirit and attitude, a high standard of dedication and respect, and great coaches. Kaci Montoya, Ocean View HS.

The strengths of the program are the great fields, the bonds that are created and the coaches intelligence. Alexandria Vanous, Irvine HS.

I like the team bonding, the coaches and how we run the program as a family. Maddy Simmons, Tesoro HS

Every coach is committed to their job and you can always count on them to be there to help. It was my pleasure being able to have the opportunity to be a Hawk. I will forever cherish every moment I’ve had here. Jenny Ramirez, Godinez HS.

This program is super strong. I can see it only getting better and better. It’s fun to be part of a winning program and play in big state tournaments. Ashley Roskelly, Valencia HS.

I like the pride in the program. I love how much team-bonding our team did. I have made many friends and created so many memories, while having the time of my life. I am excited to go on this journey again next season. Angelica Ortega, Esperanza HS.

It’s been a positive experience because I’ve met new people and got to play a sport I love. Abigail Suter, Corona HS.

I feel like I have improved so much as a player. I like that the program is looking for improvements each and every year. I will miss the SCC Women’s Soccer program. #HawkforLife. Siera Pedroza, Tustin HS

I almost didn’t want to play college soccer, but Santiago Canyon was way more fun and challenging than high school. There is togetherness, and positivity. I created a lot more friendships too. I’ll miss SCC and I’m glad I continued playing soccer. Savannah Knight, Edison HS.


Player Comments 2016

I really enjoy being part of this program. I feel like we are all one big family and I’m so fortunate to be doing what I love with people I love. I have made friends I’ll keep for a lifetime. I’ve learned the importance of the game and I have grown as a person, a team-mate and a player. There is an amazing coaching staff, a close and talented team, and a program with great values.  Cassie Soto, Mater Dei HS

It has been my best two years of soccer. There are awesome coaches with so much soccer knowledge and there is so much support from everyone. Thank you so much for helping me grow as a player and a person and for always pushing me to be the best I can be. Renee De La Torre, Segerstrom HS.

It is more than just playing. It is about all coming together as one. I loved the team values we had and how much effort the coaches put in to making our experience great. I loved every minute of it. I made friends and then got to play with them. I am very grateful. Maddy Solder, Capistrano Valley HS.

There is a great and talented group of girls, an extremely dedicated coaching staff who run unique and task-driven practices. I loved the experience and the girls I met. I definitely learned a lot this season and had a great time. Krista Talamo, Mission Viejo HS.

It’s just a great environment all around. Being part of this program took my mind off other things. I want to thank you for bringing me on to such a strong, and great program and pushing me to be a better player than I was. The program is very organized, the coaches and players very committed to everything they do and the team is a family. Siera Pedroza, Tustin HS

I made new friends and love soccer more. Everyone’s friendly, there’s no team drama and we are all close. Savannah Knight, Edison HS.

The group is talented and with the help from all the coaches, SCC is always prepared to be great. Both years have been a very positive experience and been a special part of my soccer career. We had an amazing team this year and everyone, including the coaches, should be proud. Lauren Sabella, Beckman HS.

I am so happy Santiago Canyon is where I decided to go. Everyone is so close, I have made lifelong friends and I am improving as a player. Taylor Asciak, Yorba Londa HS

I wanted to quit my senior year but coming to this team made me love the sport again. I feel like I became a smarter player.  Jacqueline Cloutier, El Dorado HS

The program is very well put together with a committed staff and players, and good values. I definitely learned a lot. Thanks for a great season. Caitie Dolan, Yorba Linda HS

Every player is committed, plus the coaches. We all work hard and care for one another. I made a large amount of friends and all of us got along. I enjoyed playing here for 2 years. Thank you for the opportunity. Karinna Gomez, El Modena HS

Some of the strengths of the team are it’s core values, our fitness levels coming in and our ability to work for each other. KC Cook, Esperanza HS

The strengths of the program are the coaching staff, athletic training staff and that we care for each other as a team. Sommer Dey, Beckman HS

There is a unity with in the team and coaches,  and dedication. Skyelar Garcia, Villa Park HS.

The coaches are all encouraging and helpful. We always work to get better and strive for the next level. Abby Gnewuch, Spirit Christian Academy.

It has been a great experience for me. I felt like I was part of a really great program. Thank you for creating a great soccer environment these past 2 seasons. Alondra Guzman, Estancia HS

There is a huge support system, good friends, great coaches and it helped me improve as a player. Ty Juarez, El Toro HS.

It was a great experience to be a part of an amazing team. The coaching staff is always there to help. Jackie Kimble, Esperanza HS.

I didn’t plan on playing high school so I’m glad I had this opportunity. The program is not always focused on winning and there’s a real strong bond between the girls. Mia Minafee, Chino Hills HS.

I wish this was a four-year school. This team was very close. Jameelah Powell, Dana Hills HS.

This has been a really positive experience because I got to experience a lot of new things with new people. I am very honored to be part of this group and build a new family while I’m being here. Jenny Ramirez, Godinez HS.

This program has made me better mentally, physically and academically. Amber Stevens, Marina HS

Everyone works hard for each other and aspires to grow individually and as a group. I am glad to be a part of this program and excited to see what awaits next season. Abigail Suter

I enjoy how hard we work and the high standards we set. All of the coaches care about the players as athletes, students and people. Abbi Swanson, Marina HS.

Player Comments 2015

This program is intense, professional and structured in a way to get the best out of its players. It teaches more than soccer. It creates people who know how to strive for excellence. The team, coaching staff and everyone that is a part of making this program great, are family. It pushes us to be better for each other. It's taught me a lot about who I am, it's tested me and forced me to push my own limits. I am fortunate to have come to Santiago Canyon College. Thank you for all that you have given me. Jade Anderson, El  Dorado High School.

I've never been a part of something that requires such commitment and dedication in every setting. It has taught me that success isn't just handed to you, you have to work for it. I wouldn't trade my time here for the world. This team has become my family.  Sam Sipes, La Habra High School.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of this program for the past 2 years. I am sad because I deeply wish I could play here forever. Brooke Mays, La Habra High School.

Playing for Santiago Canyon College has been a very positive experience for me. I felt a part of a team and I was challenged and pushed to the limits with girls that share the same love of the game. Alyssa Regalado, Esperanza High School.

There is a good group of players and a coaching staff that keeps all players accountable for academics and being committed to the team. The coaches know what they're doing, and give constructive criticism and create helpful practices. It has made me enjoy soccer more and has motivated me to get better and better. Krista Talamo, Mission Viejo High School.

This program is welcoming, challenging and competitive. It made me want to improve. Alondra Guzman, Estancia High School.

It's very fun to be a part of such a successful program. Thank you for a wonderful two years here at Santiago Canyon. I will always remember these two years. I truly became a better player and a better person. I will be very sad leaving here. Paige Railey, Esperanza High School

I love the team and the coaches and it has helped me become a better player. Kennedi Hauck, El Dorado High School.

I like that there are high expectations. There is good coaching and the pre-season training is high intensity. I enjoyed the people and the soccer. Sommer Dey, Beckman High School.

This program has taught me that on and off the field, that there are no excuses.  America Quintana, Segerstrom High School.

There are talented players, dedicated coaches and a hard work ethic. It's been a good team to be a part of.  Lauren Sabella, Beckman High School.

The team bonded right away and became super close. Abbigail Swanson, Marina High School.

This program has a huge support system. There are talented players all around and a great coaching staff. Yazmeen Flores, Katella High School.

All the players are talented, hard-working and determined to be the best. The coaches only encourage and the players all get along. Amber Stevens, Marina High School.

I like the expectations of the program. It has challenged me to be good and work hard everyday. It​ has made me grow as a player and as a leader. Danielle Snook, Corona High School.

We are a hard-working team, in a program that tries to bring the best out of us. Casey Pulido, Savanna High School.

I have made new friends, improved in soccer and I'm excited to play next year. Karina Gomez, El Modena High School.

The strengths of this program are the dedication to the player's education and that we are always encouraged to push harder and do our best. This is the best soccer experience I've ever had. I can't wait for next year. Abigail Gnewuch, Spirit Christian Academy.

This program has a lot of great talent. I liked that it helped me grow as a player. Renee De La Torre, Segerstrom High School.

This program is built off of success and that helps with the player's motivation to keep the success going. Kylie Klein, Villa Park High School.

This program has given me a group of life-long friends and help in all my classes. I've had an opportunity to push myself and I am in an environment where the coaches care. Mia Minafee, Ayala High School.

The strengths of this program are the work-ethic and the will to win. I've made a lot of new friends. This is a great program. Ty Juarez, El Toro High School

This team never gives up on each other. It's made me a better player. Julissa Valerio, Garden Grove High School

It's been the hardest but 'bestest' two years for me. Thank you to all the coaches for giving me a chance to play here. Kristel Martinez, Upland High School.


Player Comments 2014

“Thankful to be able to continue to play a sport which beats me down mentally and physically, thankful to be part of a program which challenges me to always be better than I was yesterday, and thankful to play alongside girls who remind me what it’s like to play from a place of passion and heart. I’ve been truly blessed with these opportunities and grateful for the moments I will never forget. My deepest gratitude and respect goes out to those who never gave up on us or our dream, who believed in our capabilities and pushed us all the way through. We will be better, we will continue to put forth our best efforts on and off the field and we will prove ourselves. I have so much love for my teammates, and my fight will come from a place of knowing this defeat and overcoming its willingness to bring us down. It’s not over and that title will one day rightfully be ours.” Jade Anderson, El Dorado HS.​

“This program has given me new friends, discipline, honor and pride in being a part of SCC soccer. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a great experience.” Monica Ramirez, Centennial HS.


“There is a commitment to greatness both on and off the field. The staff is invested in the players strengths on the field and beyond at the 4 year level.” Danielle Snook, Corona HS.

“It wasn’t all about winning. It was also about learning important life lessons that we can carry out of here for our future. I have made lifelong friends. It’s been great.” Jordyn Belanto, Capistrano Valley HS.

 “The program is organized, and professional. The coaches care about schooling and about the players. I learned so much as a player and as a person. I will miss you all. HAWK4LIFE.” Mandi Willis, Irvine HS.

“The strengths are the positive advice and the ‘no excuses’ mentality.” Andrea Najero, Tustin HS.

“I’ve improved greatly. I am 100% a better player. I just wish I could have played my first year of college soccer here.” Denise Delgadillo, Katella HS (Santa Ana College).

“It has been a very positive experience for me and has helped me so much on my path through school.” Rosario Gonzalez, Anaheim HS.

“I loved playing at Santiago Canyon and am walking away as a better player and person” Sara Jones, Brea Olinda HS.

“The strengths of the program are that it is full of talented players, and opens doors for future play. I really enjoyed playing this year. I will miss this program.” Kaitlin Gishwiller, Brea Olinda HS.

“I will miss being part of this team.” Taylor Hollywood, Centennial HS.

“Before coming here, my desire to continue to play was fading but now being part of a program with as much commitment, belief, quality and success, it has brought back my love for the game.” Jade Anderson, El Dorado HS.

“Everyone loves the game. I can’t wait to play next year.” Brooke Mays, La Habra HS.

“Many teams I’ve been on only had half the team that had an ‘all in’ type of commitment. However at Santiago Canyon, everyone wants it.” America Quintana, Segerstrom HS.

“Everyone works as a team including the coaches. I don’t see any weaknesses.” Kylie Klein, Villa Park HS.

“The major strength of this program is that everyone works extremely hard. Not just the players, but the coaches do as well. Everyone is committed and devoted to our team.” Sam Sipes, La Habra HS.

“This is the best team I’ve played for. It was very enjoyable.” Paige Railey, Esperanza HS.

“The strengths of the program are the dedication and commitment of everyone. It’s my best soccer experience.” Kristel Martinez, Upland HS.

“It has been the best soccer experience I have ever had.” Casey Pulido, Savanna HS.

“The team and staff came together as a family and each care for one another and help each person on the team to push each other to the limit.” Amanda Empleo, Wilson HS.


“I love how tight-knit we are as a program and as a team. Our coaches and athletic training staff are respectful to us as players and therefore highly respected in return. This has been the best soccer program I have ever been a part of. I would give my left arm for this to be a 4 year program…. not my foot though because then I couldn’t play! I’m going to miss everyone here greatly.” Chelsea Baker, Beckman HS.  

Player Comments 2013


“I love everything about this program. Everything is so well organized and well run. Every person does their job to the best of their ability and they really care about the team beyond soccer”.  Shauna Salcido, Marina HS.

“I have never seen a soccer staff so well-prepared. There was never anything missing. I felt like everyone genuinely wanted to help. It was just a pleasure to be in this program”. Monica Ramirez, Centennial HS.

“We work together, we become a family, all very talented players, and we always strive to be better as a team”.  Mariah Navarrette, La Serna HS.

“The program was very professional, while also close knit and supportive. It’s obvious the coaches and athletic trainer care greatly for each and everyone of us and it’s greatly appreciated. This has been the best soccer season of my life”. Chelsea Baker, Beckman HS.

“This has been the best experience. I’m very glad I chose SCC because I have improved so much” Reanne Macon, El Toro

“The strengths I see in this program are the coaching staff and how hard they work to ensure our success. This has been an extremely positive experience for me, and I am going to miss it so much”. Jenny Konishi, Trabuco Hills HS/Chico State.

“I love how serious and professional SCC is and we still remained a tight-knit group. I feel prepared going in to a 4-year because of SCC coaching staff. I have the most respect for this school, all of our coaching staff and everyone a part of our program”. Sam Jones, Brea Olinda HS.

“I have learned a lot as a player. I also liked how in the beginning we did some team bonding things and how we ate together after away games.. ..Can’t wait for next season”. Taylor Hollywood, Centennial HS.

“The program this year was great. I loved everyone on the team. It was like I had a second family”.  Shannon Haley, Alta Loma HS.

“The program is well run. It was definitely a positive experience. Hawk Nation.” Amanda Gomez, El Modena HS.

“I liked that we did a lot of team bonding and that the teachers and the school were always behind us”.
Olivia Bowen, Pacifica HS.

“This program this year was really good. The girls were awesome” Kirsten Martin, Sunny Hills HS

“This year was great and probably the best soccer I’ve played. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about soccer. Thank you”. Jordyn Belanto, Capistrano Valley HS.

“The coaches, the drills, the team….. it’s been a very positive experience…I loved it all”. Crystal Allen, Riverside Poly HS.

“I had an amazing 2 years on this team and I couldn’t be any more thankful for such an amazing experience.” Tiara Deobaldia, Santiago HS.
“It’s been a positive experience for me because of the wonderful coaches and staff”. Celly Ruiz, Ontario HS.

“I feel I improved in my confidence to make a difference on the field”. Mandi Willis, Irvine HS.

“One of the strengths of the program is that there is a ‘No-room-for-less-than greatness” kind of mentality. It also has a family-unity environment”. Djuna Santoyo, Tustin HS.

“As a freshman, the only thing I don’t like is that all the sophomores are leaving and I got really close to them. But I am also happy that they are all going to university”.  Andrea Najera, Tustin HS

“We have amazing inspirational coaches. The experience made me want to be better and helped me realize how important soccer is to me. I enjoyed every minute”. Sara Jones, Brea Olinda HS.

“We almost always win, the girls are super nice, and I made good friendships while playing here” Lauren Lastra, Brea Olinda HS.

Player Comments 2012


"I have met some amazing girls, coaches and even professors. I have learnt so much about the game of soccer and myself in the process and I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything." Kristen Blogg, Sophomore, Trabuco Hills High School.



"Coming from a D1 soccer program to SCC, I was nervous, but the experience I had exceeded my expectations beyond belief." Madison Cody, Sophomore, Beckman High School, (Arizona State University).



"Everyone cares for each other and loves the game. Thank you for two great seasons. Coming to SCC was the best decision I ever made." Bianca Frontino, Sophomore, Cerritos High School.



"I like everything about this program.. it values school first and soccer second. I wish my  two years weren't over here. They were amazing. And I'll never forget the friends I made either." Amanda Scheatzle, Sophomore, Fullerton High School.



I like how the team becomes really close and works really hard. I wish SCC was a 4 year and I would be able to continue playing here. I really have had a great experience." Ashley Cooper, Sophomore, Brea Olinda High School.



"This program has been a life-changing experience. It has showed me what I have to offer as an athlete and as a human-being." Cat Johnson, Freshman, Irvine High School.



This has been the best team I have ever been a part of in my entire soccer career. Thank you for another great season. It is one I will never forget." Shauna Salcido, Freshman, Marina High School.



"I think we have an amazing program. We do fun things as a team and have a good team chemistry. I'm glad I chose to play soccer at SCC. I can't wait for next season." Tiara Deobaldia, Freshman, Santiago High School (Corona).



"I loved being on this team and getting to know the girls." Shannon Haley, Freshman,  Alta Loma High School.



"There have been a lot of new things I have learned and will always think about and remember when I play."

Jennifer Martin, Sophomore, Sunny Hills High School.



"We have a very strong program. Everyone in it is committed and the coaches really care about the team."

Alexis Rigali, Freshman, Valencia High School (Placentia).



"It was a fun two years. Everyone is so nice and accepting." Rebecca Ross, Sophomore, Edison High School.



"This has been a positive experience for me, meeting new friends and playing soccer with them. The girls are really nice and there is no drama." Lauren Lastra, Freshman, Brea Olinda High School.



"I grew throughout the season as a person and a soccer player. This program really pushes you to be a better person and soccer player." Abieyuwa Ogiamien, Sophomore, Esperanza High School (University of Nevada).



"I learned so much and met great people who are both my team-mates and my friends. I got to experience a higher level in soccer." Dianne Miranda, Freshman, Tustin High School.



"I really enjoyed playing for this program. It taught me a lot and helped me work with new players and enjoy the sport I love to play." Nicole Walters, Freshman, El Toro High School.



"This has been a positive experience for me. The team and coaches were very connected. I don't ever think I will have another experience like this." Dena Wasielewski, Sophomore, Marina High School.



"Being part of this program was a part of my life that I will always cherish and take with me. Thank you."

Jenna Petel, Sophomore, Kennedy High School.



"This has been the best experience. We are such a strong team. It taught me a lot and this program helped me love this game even more." Reanne Macon, Sophomore, El Toro High School.



"Everyone on the team seems to get along very well. There is a lot of talent on this team and everyone wants to do their best to improve. This program has helped me improve as a person and as an athlete." Jamie Smith, Freshman, Canyon High School.



"This is a very strong and very professional program." Sam Jones, Freshman, Brea Olinda High School.



"It's been a positive experience for me because it gave me an opportunity to become a better player and boosted my confidence." Yanet Miranda, Freshman, Tustin High School.



"The past two years I have spent in this program, I wouldn't  trade for the world. The friendships and bonds I have created will last me a lifetime." Nicole Daniels, Sophomore, Irvine High School.



"This program provides great discipline, competitiveness and fitness. I want to thank everyone for being a part of this team." Jakellene Palacios, Sophomore, Aliso Niguel High School.



"I appreciate the team and coaches for making it a great year and how much time and effort was put in to this program. Thank you." Olivia Bowen, Freshman, Pacifica High School.



"The program was very inviting. The girls bonded well. Everyone had a winning mentality. It was a great experience and there were a lot of great, unforgettable memories." Amanda Gomez, Freshman, El Modena High School.


Player Comments 2011


“The strengths in the program are the coaches are great, the girls are fantastic, and the soccer is the best of the best. School always comes first and everyone is supportive. I wouldn’t change my experience here for anything in the world.” Nicole Daniels, Freshman, Irvine HS.



"Everyone gives everything they have in order for the team to progress and I really love that. It was the best season that I have ever been a part of in my soccer career. The team was so close and we all put our hearts into those games. It wasn't just a team, I was part of a family." Cydney Mandel, Sophomore, Edison HS.



"The coaching staff cares so much about our soccer lives and our education. Everyone at SCC acknowledges the women's soccer program." Marissa Vasquez, Freshman, Calvary Chapel HS.



"This is the best soccer program I've ever been involved in. I would not change a thing. I have made new friends, gotten better, had great opportunities and come to love soccer more." Melissa Hasseler, Freshman, Chino Hills HS.


"A strength I see is that the coaches want us to be the best we can be both in soccer as well as academically and are willing to help with both." Emily Tielrooy, Sophomore, Brea Olinda HS.

"I love that the coaching staff is available to help you individually and are there to talk when you are struggling. They are a very positive group of individuals. I love this program and I am so glad to be a part of it!" Jennifer Martin, Freshman, Sunny Hills HS.

“Everything about this soccer program was great. This experience has helped me develop into a better soccer player and person. SCC soccer was one of my greatest experiences. It changed my view on soccer and competition. It was a great season and an even better experience.” Bianca Frontino, Freshman, Cerritos HS.


“The coaches care for the players and everyone gets along. It’s like my other family.  I loved everything about this season and couldn’t be more proud of the team. I loved my two years and I wished it was a four year program.” Valerie Barrios, Sophomore, Chino Hills HS.


“It was the best experience of my life. I love Santiago.” Monique Cherry, Sophomore, El Dorado HS.

“The SCC Women’s soccer program is organized, meaningful, successful, and family-like. It brings the SCC community together and improves players.” Janelle Hanna, Sophomore, El Modena HS.



"Being part of the SCC women's soccer program has been a memorable experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I appreciate the opportunity I got to participate in this amazing program." Brittany Bradford, Sophomore, Kennedy HS.

"The planning that goes into practices and games is remarkable. The coaching staff couldn't get any better." Rebecca Ross, Freshman, Edison HS.

“This has been the greatest experience playing soccer out of the 15 years. These two years have made me or helped me realize who I am and what kind of player I am. I wish SCC was a 4 year. I will forever cherish every memory we had with each other. You guys are my second family. Every time I saw us as a group together out on the field, all of my other worries went away.” Ashley Caligiuri, Sophomore, Walnut HS.



"This program has allowed me to grow as a person and as a player." Jakellene Palacios, Freshman, Aliso Niguel HS.

"“Being involved in this program has been a very positive experience for me and I enjoyed everything about it.” Dena Wasielewski, Freshman, Marina HS.



“I am so grateful to have played at SCC. These are experiences I definitely won’t forget.” Crystal Mena, Sophomore, Newport Harbor HS.


“I loved my 2 years at SCC." Annie Brodzki, Sophomore, Los Osos HS.

"I can't wait for next year! Thanks for pushing me to push myself to be the best player I can be." Kristen Blogg, Freshman, Trabuco Hills HS.

"The strength I see in the program is there is a great respect from the team to the coaches and the other way around. This team and everyone involved is no doubt my second family." Amanda Wagerle, Freshman, Esperanza HS.

"I liked being a part of this program because it is always a team effort and everyone is always there to work hard." Ashley Cooper, Freshman, Brea Olinda HS.

"I like that Santiago Canyon has a strong program. We have a lot of talent and everyone works hard including the coaches and the athletic trainer." Shauna Salcido, Freshman, Marina HS.

"I loved being here and playing for the school." Amanda Scheatzle, Freshman, Fullerton HS.

“It’s been an extremely positive experience” Jenna Petel, Freshman, Kennedy High School.

"The players want to be the best and win. Being in this program has brought me closer to my teammates and made me a better soccer player." Haley Wenlock, Sophomore, Laguna Hills HS.

"It has been positive because I have made amazing friends and have had other opportunities come my way." Shelbi Young, Sophomore, Los Alamitos HS.

Player Comments 2010


“I had so much fun and I loved everything about it.” Dyanne Anderson, Sophomore, Dana Hills HS.



“The program is a place for excellence. The atmosphere is competitive yet comfortable. The coaches are great and the girls have become sisters.” Annie Brodzki, Freshman, Los Oso HS.



“Being involved in the SCC Women’s Soccer program has been an amazing experience for me and I cherish every moment of being a part of it. I like the energy the coaches bring to practices and games because it really shows that they care about us individually, as a team, as well as the overall program.” Brittany Bradford, Freshman, Kennedy HS.


“It is hard to think of any improvements which can be made to the program. It all-around was the best program I have been apart of. I have never been in an environment which consistently challenged me every single day and I have grown so much because of this.” Katie Cabuling, Sophomore, Mission Viejo HS.



“I loved just being able to play in an environment where I was respected as a person. I really enjoyed playing soccer again, which I hadn’t had in a long time. It was an honor to play here.” Kimmie Oltmanns, Freshman, Esperanza HS.



“I like the consistency and the demanding pressure there is on an athlete. But there is also flexibility and understanding for individual progress. There is a lot of support from the coaches, players and even the school.” Cynthia Dimnik, Freshman, Capistrano Valley HS.



“I love the togetherness of the program, the organization, the friendships made and the fact that they expect so much out of us. It makes me work harder, be more responsible and expect more from myself.” Monique Cherry, Freshman, El Dorado HS.



“Everyone gets along. We strive to be the best we can be.” Valerie Barrios, Freshman, Chino Hills HS.



“Our team was really close and we all became good friends.” Sasha Diaz, Freshman, Pacifica HS.



“I just want to thank the staff/coaches for letting me be a part of this program and this great team. I wish SCC was a 4 year school.” Ashley Caligiuri, Freshman, Walnut HS.



“The strength in the program is the organization and the class of the program. Everyone expects the best out of everyone else.” Erin Farber, Sophomore, Mater Dei HS.



“Good team bonding, fun practices, good relationships made.” Marissa Ghani, Sophomore, Capistrano Valley HS.



“Being close to all the girls on the team made it easy to connect and relate with new people. I also feel like I have improved overall individually through this season.” Janelle Hanna, Sophomore, El Modena HS.



“I am so grateful to everybody especially with the coaches for their time and support they gave me.” Miram Reyes, Sophomore, Nogales HS (Mexico).



“I have learned more in one year at SCC than in my previous four years.” Amanda Wagerle, Freshman, Esperanza HS.



“I am so blessed to be apart of Santiago Canyon Women’s Soccer program. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. This will be one of the things that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.” Karly Weeks, Sophomore, Rancho Alamitos HS.



“Thank you for everything you guys have done for us. I can easily say you guys are the best coaches I have ever had.” Bri Lopez, Sophomore, El Toro HS.



“I wish it was a 4-year, I don’t want to leave ever.” Alexes Huerta, Freshman, Trabuco Hills HS.



“This was a positive experience. I learned a lot of new things and met a lot of amazing people.” Courtney Stoltenberg, Freshman, Trabuco Hills HS.



“You have a wonderful thing going here and I believe that many, many women will become better and confident in themselves and their abilities after being part of this program. The biggest strength in the program is it helped me stay motivated in school and also kept me committed.” Alex Pellegrino, Freshman, Garden Grove HS.



“Thank you for all you’ve done. You guys have made me a better player and person.” Angie Orozco, Sophomore, Irvine HS.



“This program does a great job teaching soccer. There is a greater understanding of the game after finishing the season.” Stacey Cervantes, Sophomore, La Serna HS.



“The program holds high standards for each player on and off the field. There are great relationships between coaches and players and great relationships among the girls.” Lindsay McCall, Freshman, Esperanza HS.



“I like how close the team got and that we bonded. The coaches and the athletic trainers were great and are always willing to help.” Cydney Mandel, Freshman, Edison HS.



“Santiago Canyon College Women’s Soccer has taught me to have higher standards for myself and rise above those standards. It has brought me new friends that will be remembered forever.” Haley Wenlock, Freshman, Laguna Hills HS.



“I really like the competitive environment that the program has. Everyone is there for each other at all times. I love that each practice pushes everyone to be the best.” Shelbi Young, Freshman, Los Alamitos HS.


Player Comments 2009


“I loved everything about our program. It is the best decision I’ve ever made. It has been the best experience of my life. I love this school and team.” Michelle Carels, Sophomore, El Dorado HS.


“Playing here was the best decision I’ve made. There were so many  little things  done to make our team as good as it was. This experience was my favorite part of my soccer career.” Cassie Becker, Freshman, Edison HS.


“I think it is a good program. It has good values that it represents and I really like it. I really value the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made and soccer has come to mean more to me.” Erin Farber, Freshman, Mater Dei HS.


“I loved every moment of this year. The entire team was very professional and got along with each other extremely well. I am sad to leave and wish this was a 4-year program.” Jessica Brillantes, Sophomore, Loara HS.


“This program has been the best program that I’ve been a part of. Thanks for two great seasons!” Amanda Hardeman, Sophomore, Dana Hills HS.


 “There was good exposure to people/college coaches. I’ve learned a lot from all of the girls and I feel that they have made me a more well-rounded person.” Marissa Ghani, Freshman, Capistrano Valley HS


“The coaches are amazing and the program is very well organized. It made me grow as a player and a person.” Evelyn Gomez, Sophomore, Foothill HS.


“It is a very close and connected team. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.” Jacqueline Hanna, Sophomore, El Modena HS.


“There is very good chemistry with the coaches and it is a well organized program. It has been a good experience that made me life long friends.” Casey Herman, Sophomore, Chino  Hills HS.


“The strengths in the program are great coaching, great training and great advice. It has been a very positive experience.” Stacey Cervantes, Freshman, La Serna HS.


“It is a very good program with a good team every year that trains hard.” Paige Brittain, Freshman, Sunny Hills HS.


 “One of the strengths of the program is dedicated coaches who truly care about us and our program. I like how friendly everyone is.” Bri Lopez, Freshman, El Toro HS


“It’s been an amazing experience. The girls are my sisters and the coaches are the best coaching staff that I’ve ever had.” Mo Silva, Sophomore, El Dorado HS.


“One of the strengths is this is becoming a tradition for the team (state), by striving to win it all.” Kristen Prindible, Sophomore, Sunny Hills HS.


“The team is a family and I think that is how we felt.” Jessica Olsen, Freshman, Northwood HS.


 “Being involved in the Santiago Canyon College Women’s Soccer Program was a very beautiful experience.” Blanca Reyes, Freshman, Nogales, Mexico.


“One of the strengths is how organized the program is. Everyone knew their function and worked their hardest to do their best.” Kaylee Schneekluth, Sophomore, Edison HS.


“I think this is an amazing and successful program.” Leslie Bryant, Sophomore, Irvine HS.


“Everything was positive.” Sara Foley, Sophomore, Marina HS.


“The strengths in the program are that it is really team oriented and we know how to get the job done.” Ally Cerda, Freshman, Edison HS.


“We all became a family on and off the field. I will miss this program.” Brooke McCaughin, Sophomore, Esperanza HS.


“The experience has been positively great and we won state!” Jacqueline Turner, Sophomore, Orange Lutheran HS. 

“The strengths of the program are the coaching staff, the support the women’s soccer team has from the school and the positive energy all the girls have.” Karly Weeks, Freshman, Rancho Alamitos HS.


Player Comments 2008


“From the campus, to the coaches, to the players this was the best program that I have ever been apart of. It was extremely challenging, professional and classy.” Amanda Hardeman, Freshman, Dana Hills HS.


“This year was so fun and I had an unforgettable time playing for Santiago. Everyone involved in it really cared and gave it their all from the coaches, to the trainer, to the players. I loved it.” Crystal Mena, Freshman, Newport Harbor HS.


“One of the greatest experiences of my life. I will always be able to look back on this and be happy and proud of the opportunity I was given.” Shayna Russell, Sophomore, Dana Hills HS.


“It was a different level of soccer. It made me work harder and made me improve on things I need to improve.” Evelyn Gomez, Freshman, Foothill HS.


“It made me appreciate and enjoy soccer again.” Jessica Brillantes, Freshman, Loara HS.


“We are proud, confident, and help with the community. I was thankful to be apart of a program that cares about their school and the people.” Annie Schlimmer, Sophomore, San Clemente HS.


“We have a very good program here. All the players on the team are unique in their own way. I feel the program is very organized. I had a great experience this year. I loved the coaches and the players.” Kristina Dague, Freshman, Fountain Valley HS.


“It has been such a positive influence. It’s been my place of peace away from my life. I have learned so much and grown.” Katie Marshall, Sophomore, Foothill HS.


“Very strong program. They really take care of their players. Thanks for a great two seasons. I am really going to miss it here.” Nina Yanes, Sophomore, Capistrano Valley HS.


“It’s my life. These girls are my family and I appreciate everyone involved in the program. It has been the greatest experience and I will miss it all. If I ever had the chance to play under this coaching staff, I would do it in a heartbeat…true story.” Tatiana Dos Santos, Sophomore, Ayala HS.


“I had a wonderful season with all of you coaches.  I appreciate all the support you guys have given me. Thank you for everything.” Angie Orozco, Freshman, Irvine HS.


“Awesome coaching staff. Strong program. Good Recruits. All in all, I will miss it a lot.” Kristi Wagerle, Sophomore, Esperanza HS.


 “I think the discipline is awesome. The effort and energy of the coaches is great.” Jenna Scarborough, Sophomore, Northwood HS.


“I love how during practice, we target something that we didn’t do well in the game.” Jacqueline Hanna, Freshman, El Modena HS.


“The strengths in the program are the togetherness, belief and a good staff.” Monique Silva, Freshman, El Dorado HS.


“Being involved in the Santiago Canyon College Women’s Soccer Program for the 2008 season was very positive. The coaching staff is very strong.” Tawny Bolduc, Freshman, Capistrano Valley HS.


“The strengths I see in the program are the desire to win it all, the drive and the passion.” Kristen Prindible, Freshman, Sunny Hills HS.


“The strengths I see and like in the program are commitment, passion and talent.” Caroline Hanna, Sophomore, El Modena HS.


“Overall this program has helped me with school and soccer. I loved every minute.” Sara Foley, Freshman, Marina HS.


“The soccer program has allowed me to be in the best environment I could ever ask for.” Michelle Carels, Freshman, El Dorado HS.


“Everyone is so committed, coaches and athletes. I wouldn’t change anything.” Brina Siddiq, Sophomore, Mater Dei HS.


“I like the support we get from the school and the great coaches for the program.” Jacqueline Turner, Freshman, Orange Lutheran HS.


“The coaches are all very good. They each have their own individual strengths and together everyone works very well.” Kelsey Morgan, Sophomore, Santiago HS.


“The strengths in the program are the variety within the coaches and the outstanding athletic trainer. The practices are well designed for exact reasons.” Casey Herman, Freshman, Chino Hills HS.


“All the coaches have passion for the game and believe in everyone on the team. I got a second family.” Brooke McCaughin, Freshman, Esperanza HS.



Player Comments 2007


“The best experience I have ever had.  These two years have been the highlights of my life so far, from all the friends I’ve made, to the experiences I’ve had, to the involvement I’ve felt as being part of an amazing program.”  Alyssa Matheson, Sophomore, Mission Viejo HS.


“I am so grateful that I got to be a part of this program for two years.  It was an amazing experience, I will never forget.  A for Awesome!” Kaitlin Thulin, Sophomore, Edison HS.


“I have loved being part of the Santiago Canyon College Soccer program.  It has helped me be able to feel success.  I have learned so much and being here has prepared me to be a better soccer player and to go off to a 4-year college and succeed.  I love the togetherness, the preparation, the focused practices.  It was inspirational.  I loved this experience here.”  Sarah Califf, Sophomore, Orange HS.


“One of the strengths is the coaches make sure the team keeps up on their grades.  This was the best experience I’ve ever had in my soccer career.  I wouldn’t take it back for anything.  We are one big family.”  Jen Faith, Sophomore, Fountain Valley HS.


“I really enjoy the program and everything about it.  It has been the best thing that has happened to me.  I really enjoyed this experience and I can’t wait to play next year!”  Kristi Wagerle, Freshman, Esperanza HS.


“…one of the best experiences I have had. I thought I came out with more knowledge of the game.”  Melissa Griffith, Sophomore, Beecher HS.


“There is good chemistry with the girls.  Practices are always intense.  I was challenged more mentally than I have been in my entire life.”  Nina Yanes, Freshman, Capistrano Valley HS.


“I appreciate all the coaches and what they have done to make this program great!”  Brina Siddiq, Freshman, Mater Dei HS.


“The most positive experience of my life.  I will take the dedication and heart that we, as a team have formed, everywhere with me for the rest of my life.”  Shayna Russell, Freshman, Dana Hills HS.


“The entire coaching staff and trainers…everyone was so helpful and caring.”  Aleyce Oyama, Sophomore, El Toro HS.


“I think we have great coaches and staff and I really like the program.  I am going to miss the girls leaving because we were all really close.”  Kelsey Morgan, Freshman, Santiago HS.


“There were no weaknesses in the program.  It was a positive experience.”  Jalissa Martinez, Freshman, Mater Dei HS.


“I am very happy here.  I am very thankful.  I see so many strengths.  It was probably the best soccer season I have had and I love the girls to death.”  Annie Schlimmer, Freshman, San Clemente HS.


“It has really taught me a lot.  I really enjoyed being part of this team.”  Katie Marshall, Freshman, Foothill HS.


“I wouldn’t have changed this for anything.  Everything was great!”  Kristen Lindblom, Freshman, Esperanza HS.


“I’m so happy I came here.  It was the best decision.  I appreciate all the confidence the coaches had in me.”  Sasha Key, Freshman, Huntington Beach HS.


“The strengths of the program are that we are hardworking, determined, skilled, and we all get along.”  Caroline Hanna, Freshman, El Modena HS.


“The coaching staff constantly pushes you and keeps you focused.  It was a very positive experience that taught me a lot and pushed me to become my best.”  Katie Graul, Sophomore, San Clemente HS.


“Coming to SCC has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. No regrets. It’s been beyond amazing.  I love this team and program and I love everything this program stands for.  What I like in the program is our strength as a unit.  This year we were family and I believe that showed in all our performances.”  Tatiana Dos Santos, Freshman, Ayala HS.


“The strengths of the program are the dedication, the role models present, the helpful tips on any concern I had, and the fun.  Thanks for a great year and teaching/showing me different views of the game.”  Corie Casper, Freshman, El Dorado HS.


“This has been an amazing experience for me and I wouldn’t have changed anything for it.”  Stephanie Cottam, Sophomore, Northwood HS.


Player Comments 2006


“Honestly, the atmosphere, the coaches, the overall program has been terrific. I wouldn’t change a thing. I honestly can’t think of anything that I would like to improve in this program. I’ve learned so much from this experience. The coaches and the team have helped me to become a better soccer player and a better person.” Elizabeth Hilburn, Freshman, Villa Park HS.


“I think we have a very strong program. Awesome coaches and amazing players. I had so much fun! I feel like I became a better player and I made 20 new friends.” Megan Konishi, Freshman, Trabuco Hills HS.


“I loved the way I was pushed mentally and emotionally as a player. It was the best soccer experience overall in my life.” Kat Benton, Sophomore, Mission Viejo HS.


“My experience with SCC soccer has been very positive. One of the best seasons and teams I have ever been a part of.” Alyssa Matheson, Freshman, Mission Viejo HS.


“This has been a great season and will be a memory following me for the rest of my life.” Marisa Brownell, Sophomore, Aliso Niguel HS.


“It has been amazing for me to be a part of this program.” Stephanie Cottam, Freshman, Northwood HS.


“It was competitive, demanding, fun and supportive. A great experience.” Jen Faith, Freshman, Fountain Valley HS.


“We win, we work hard, and we show up for every game.” Katie Romero, Sophomore, Aliso Niguel HS.


“The coaching staff is the backbone to the success of this program because they are dedicated to success.”  “Extremely positive.” Tayler Giacomaro, Sophomore, Newport Harbor HS.


“The program all together is very well put together and organized.” Rachel Varela, Freshman, El Toro HS.


“Overall I think it was an awesome experience and I learned a lot and met a lot of new friends.” Katie Graul, Freshman, San Clemente HS.


“It is amazing how this program is growing in so many different ways, which are all positive!” Kaitlin Thulin, Freshman, Edison HS.


“I am glad that I have been a part of this experience. I liked it so much….” Sarah Califf, Freshman, Orange HS.


“The program is very welcoming and supportive.” Shannon Peck, Sophomore, Capistrano Valley HS.


“I love how close everyone gets. I love SCC Women’s Soccer.” Andrea Davidson, Freshman, Laguna Hills HS.


“I improved in all areas; confidence, crosses and physical presence.” Kari Moore, Freshman, San Clemente HS.


“There is an improvement every year.” Leslie Bryant, Freshman, Irvine HS.


“The school loves us and we have great coaches. I am proud I was part of this for two years.” Megan Tharp, Sophomore, Oceanview HS.


Player Comments 2005


“Amazing girls and awesome coaches will make it even bigger.  We have great fields and awesome support from the school.  I’m really sad I’m losing part of my family but I can’t wait to make another one next year.”  Megan Tharp, Freshman, Oceanview HS.


“I love how professional this program is.  This has been such a wonderful experience for me.  If it wasn’t for this team, I wouldn’t have played college soccer.”  Whitney Bailey, Sophomore, Fountain Valley HS.


“I have never been pushed so much physically, mentally, and emotionally to strive for my best.  I am truly sad that these two years are over and will miss everyone so much.  Thank you.” Brandi Johannsen, Sophomore, Capo Valley HS.


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for making me a part of this team.  It has been a blessing to play for all of you coaches and it is upsetting that it is all over.  I have learned so much from you all and I am thankful everyday for this entire experience.”  Lindsey Crancer, Sophomore, Norco HS.


“I truly think every bit of the women’s soccer program was wonderful.  I have learned so much about soccer and myself as a person from this program.  I have made 21 new best friends.”  Marisa Brownell, Freshman, Aliso Niguel HS.


“We grow into such a family and we care about each other, the girls and coaches.  This is why we go out and perform every day.  Thank you guys for a wonderful 2 years.”  Kim Horn, Sophomore, Capo Valley HS.


“The coaching staff is 110% dedicated to the success of the team.  And the players learn to play for each other and to love the game.” Tayler Giacomaro, Freshman, Newport Harbor HS.


“This season has been the best season of my life.  Thank you for the opportunity to experience that.”  Shannon Peck, Freshman, Capo Valley HS.


“Being involved in the Santiago Canyon College Women’s Soccer Program was the best decision I have ever made.”  Lauren Katnik, Freshman, Capo Valley HS.


“I have made a lot of good friends.  I feel like I achieved something after high school when I thought it would be the end of any success in soccer.”  Katie Romero, Freshman, Aliso Niguel HS.


“Very good program and I had so much fun this year.  The coaches were awesome.  I wish it wasn’t over.”  Nikkie Alch, Sophomore, Irvine HS.


“I have grown so much through my experience here and I took every moment for what it was worth.”  Brittney Carbone, Sophomore, San Clemente HS.


“A positive experience.  Great people involved.  Lots of knowledgeable coaches and gave me an opportunity to learn a lot.”  Laura Butler, Freshman, Sunny Hills HS.


“Some of the strengths in the program were good team bonding and an amazing experience.”  Andrea Acierno, Freshman, Capo Valley HS.


“I feel that any player can improve by being a part of this program.  This has been a great experience.  It was a great season.”  Aleyce Oyama, Freshman, El Toro HS.


“(The program) is fun, but we get down to business.  I made great friends.  (It) felt like a family.  (It) made me like soccer and not take playing for granted.”  Jessica Suszek, Sophomore, Capo Valley HS.


“Everyone is a great soccer player and we have really good team chemistry.”  Jenna Scarborough, Freshman, Northwood HS.


“This is an awesome experience, a family away from home, and I would do it all again.”  Katy Carter, Sophomore, Northwood HS.


“I had a great experience with the girls and I am so glad to be apart of a team that was so successful.”  Kadi Brandel, Freshman, Valley Christian HS.




“I enjoy school so much because the teachers support our program and I met a lot of great girls.  We have a lot of talent on the team.   The coaches know what they are doing and they care for us.  All of the players get along.”  Kristyn Lucas, Freshman, Mission Viejo HS.


“It has been the best soccer experience.  I am really glad the coach wanted me to play here.  I was actually done with soccer, and being on this team has showed me how much I care about this sport, and I love all the girls.”  Whitney Bailey, Freshman, Fountain Valley HS.


“I definitely made the right decision in coming here because I am saving money and I have learned and grown so much as a player and an individual.”  Brandi Johannsen, Freshman, Capistrano Valley HS.


“I felt like part of a family, we all related but got down to business when we had to.  Playing at Santiago Canyon made me like soccer more; I made great friends and learned how to manage my time.” Jessica Suszek, Freshman, Capistrano Valley HS.


“The soccer program has been absolutely 100% positive.  It has helped me to grow as a player and become stronger as a person off the field.”  Stephanie Lambkin, Sophomore, Trabuco Hills HS.


“The #1 strength is the coaching staff.  I also have met all these great girls and made memories that will last a lifetime.”  Brittney Carbone, Freshman, San Clemente HS.


“Thank you for actually caring about each one of us as a person, not just as soccer players.”  Monica Mora, Sophomore, Valencia HS.


“I wasn’t planning on playing in college because I really doubted my talents, and I would do it all over again if I could.  This was the best soccer experience in all my years.”  Lindsey Crancer, Freshman, Norco HS.


“The positive experience, for me, was meeting a whole new group of friends and becoming a better player.”  Lauren Loe, Sophomore, Corona del Mar HS.


“The program has made me grow as a player and learn new skills.  I made new friends and have learned skills that I can take from here to the future.”  Christina Graul, Sophomore, San Clemente HS.


“The strengths of the SCC Women’s Soccer program are the dedication of the staff and the involvement of the school.”  Darlene Sasso, Sophomore, El Toro HS.


“I like the group of people I played with, and I love that we all wanted to be here and the way we practice.”  Heather Dorscht, Freshman, Loara HS.


“I am glad I chose to come here.  I really enjoyed being a part of this team.”  Dani Nyssen, Sophomore, Millikan HS.


“The strength of the program is the dedication of the coaches.”  Ally Basehart, Sophomore, Rosary HS.


“The strength of the program is how much potential it has.  It was a great season.”  Kim Horn, Freshman, Capistrano Valley HS.


“I liked the way everything went this year and I think everything together helped make this year so successful.”  Katy Carter, Freshman, Northwood HS.


“It has been a positive experience that I will always remember.”  Maria Galaviz, Sophomore, Foothill HS.


“The strengths of the program are the great coaches and the academic help available.  I also met great girls that I will keep as friends for the rest of my life.”  Ashley Larkin, Sophomore, Canyon HS.


“It was a great year and we accomplished a whole lot.  I am glad I was a part of it.”  Georgia Koromelas, Freshman, Canyon HS.


“I thought it was better than my 4 years in high school.  I am ready for next season.”  Rachel Housepian, Freshman, El Toro HS.




"I think I made the right decision in coming to Santiago Canyon instead of going to university straight away. We have a lot of talented players and great coaches." Lindsay Prutsman, Freshman, San Clemente HS


"The best time I ever had playing soccer. The strengths of the program are the coaching staff, team unity and the support of the school." Darlene Sasso, Freshman, El Toro HS.


"Great coaching staff. Strong team connection. A great experience. I met a lot of great people and I was able to improve in a sport that I love." Jessica Davis-Luchansky, Freshman, Canyon HS.


"It was nice getting away and meeting new people. I really enjoyed the season and our accomplishments." Christina Graul, Freshman, San Clemente HS.


"There’s a great team attitude and will to win. I have met a lot of new people and made lifelong friends." Stephanie Lambkin, Freshman, Trabuco Hills HS.


"It was a great experience. It gave me the chance to become a better player. It made me realize how much soccer really meant to me. Thanks for that opportunity." Julie Mescher, Sophomore, Mission Viejo HS.


"I’m glad I chose to play at Santiago Canyon because it was so much fun. The staff were always willing to help us out. Thank you coaches for a great season." Monica Mora, Freshman, Valencia HS.


"It has taught me the meaning of team and I learned how to become a more supportive team member." Alisa Morrow, Sophomore, Foothill HS.


"It has been so much fun and I am glad I decided to come to Santiago Canyon." Dani Nyssen, Freshman, Milliken HS.


"It has been a positive season with a great team." Maria Flores-Perez, Sophomore, Valencia HS.


"I loved my experience I’m so glad I transferred. I loved how there was so much personal attention." Lindsay Smoot, Sophomore, East High HS, Utah.


"The strengths of the program are that everyone is focused and everyone works hard."  Maria Galaviz, Freshman, Foothill HS.


"The emphasis on team unity was key to our success. The energy of the coaching staff and the commitment of everyone on the team made our team great. I loved it." Ally Basehart, Freshman, Rosary HS.


"Thank you to all the coaches for giving me the chance to be part of this team." Katie Cook, Freshman, El Dorado HS.




"Thanks for improving me both as a soccer player and a person.  I've achieved things here I never thought were possible and I owe it to the coaching staff and their encouragement."  Amber Cheyne, Sophomore, El Dorado H.S.


"It has been a thrilling adventure and experience.  I wouldn't have traded these two years for anywhere else." Whitney Sheline, Sophomore, Norco H.S.


"I like not only the athletic strength of this program, but also how the coaches, athletic director and counselors look after our education and are helping us to move on to bigger colleges."  Jennifer Gilman, Freshman, Norco H.S.


"This was the best team I have ever been with.  I will miss it more than anything in the world.  Could this be a 4-year program?  I do not want to leave."  Jessica Herrera, Sophomore, Mater Dei H.S.


"I've learned a lot and have been able to make new friends."  Jennifer Merrell, Freshman, Canyon H.S.


"I've had a very good time and experience playing soccer at Santiago Canyon College.  It was truly a pleasure."  Maria Martinez, Sophomore, Santa Ana H.S.


"I have had the best time in the last two years.  I couldn't have asked for anything to be different.  I thought I didn't ever want to play soccer again until I came here and had an awesome time."  Jennifer Watson, Sophomore, El Dorado H.S.


"Practices seem well planned out and many times the keeping sessions coordinated with what the field players did."  Jessica Herrera, Sophomore, Mater Dei H.S.


"I really enjoyed playing here and if I had the opportunity again, I would take it."   Maria Patino, Sophomore, Santa Ana H.S.


"It's been very positive and I had so much fun.  I learned so much on the field and off.  Without soccer I wouldn't have known anything about my educational plan.  Thanks to the coaches and everyone.  It was so much fun."  Jennifer Gilman, Freshman, Norco H.S.


"I'm looking forward to another year."  Audra Marshall, Freshman, Canyon H.S.


"Thanks for a great season and giving me a chance to come out and play."  Aimee Belasquez, Freshman, Pacific Coast H.S.


-On strengths of the program- "everyone's involvement from the coaches to trainers and teachers."  Aimee Belasquez, Freshman, Pacific Coast H.S.


  "I really like my teammates.  They are all great girls."  Melissa Lane, Freshman, Brea Olinda H.S.


 "I will definitely miss this experience."  Alicia Feldstein, Sophomore, Valencia H.S.


 "I met a lot of nice people and learned a lot more about soccer."  Lana Trobaugh, Sophomore, Canyon H.S.


  "This season was tons of fun."  Lana Trobaugh, Sophomore, Canyon H.S.


 "Practices are fun and productive.  We never worked on something that wasn't helpful.  It was fun to be a part of the team and to play for this school." Whitney Sheline, Sophomore, Norco H.S.


" I had fun hanging out with the girls after soccer and I enjoyed playing with the girls on the field."  Erin Duran, Sophomore, Valencia H.S.    


  "I think we did awesome this year and I had fun."  Jennifer Merrell, Freshman, Canyon H.S.


  "I had a great time and enjoyed every minute, even when I couldn't play because of injuries.  I am glad I came and played soccer here."  Erin Duran, Sophomore, Valencia H.S.