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Google Drive-n-Tricks

                                                                ​by Gregory Pierot

                                         (Senator of Technology, ASG)​


Google Drive has become quite popular with college students today. It is a free online office product developed by Google. Google Drive is a great option for someone that cannot afford Microsoft Office. Google Drive contains Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which is essentially the equivalent to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Sharing and collaborating

What sets Google Docs apart is the tool for sharing a document with others and editing it in real time. This is by far the most useful tool incorporated into Google Drive and it is perfect for student use! Writing a group paper for English? Google Docs makes it easy and effortless. Not only can you work on the document at the same time, you can also chat in real time. Simply click the chat button that appears next to a collaborator's name to start a conversation. Additionally the conversation stays with the document and can be shared with new collaborators. Want to get even more done without ever leaving your document? You can use the Research Pane to look up websites and even cite information while still having access to your document. Simply click on the Tools button on the top and click on Research.  Another nice feature with Google Drive is if you are working on a document with a friend and you cannot remember the name of the document, you can search your friend's name and the document will come up with it! Overall Google Docs is pleasant and easy to use. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some cool tricks you can use while using Google Drive that are worth mentioning. The first trick is keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts work on other applications besides Google Drive. Once an area is highlighted, you can press Ctrl+C to copy the highlighted text.  To paste the copied text you can press Ctrl+V. This saves time from having to right-click every time you want to copy and paste. Ctrl+A will highlight all the text in your document. If you want to highlight a specific area and you do not feel like using your mouse, you can use Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Key. You use the arrow keys to highlight in the direction you want.  Ctrl+Z will be your best friend, anytime you make a mistake you can simply undo with this nifty command. Now if you want to copy some highlighted text but also delete it at the same time, you can use Ctrl+X. This kills two birds with one stone!


Some other tricks worth mentioning are the use of the Quickoffice and the ability to work offline. Google Drive saves documents in its own manner. To work with people that are not using Google Drive, you can use the Quickoffice app for IOS and Android. It can read Microsoft Office files and can even convert files from Google Drive to Microsoft Office and vice-versa. For those who use the Google Chrome web browser, you can work on your Google Drive files offline! Presentations and spreadsheets can only be viewed and not edited. Simply download the "Google Drive" app from the chrome web store. Once downloaded, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets will be available as shortcuts on your home screen. A Google Drive file will also appear with all the documents that are on your Google Drive. It's a very easy and convenient app to use when you are on the go and want to keep working!


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