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Monday, June 8, 2020 - Friday, October 30, 2020
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New research and information is coming out frequently now about how your learners - and you - learn. Here's what we know. In the last century, you taught everyone equally by teaching them the same. But we know we each learn differently. So in this century, you teach everyone equally by teaching them differently. In this Certificate in Learning Styles, you get the most advanced information about the three most important and most prevalent characteristics you experience with your participants: generation, gender, and the autism spectrum. Your instructors are some of the foremost authorities in the world on these subjects. 

Certificate Coursework:

Generational Learning Styles
Explore fascinating information on the brain and how each generation responds to their unique “cohort experience." You will acquire the skills and information needed to help people in various generations, including a special emphasis to help you facilitate Gen Y and the emerging generation of learners. Understand how your own generational characteristics impact your learning AND your teaching. Come away with our top 20 generational techniques for helping your students learn more.

Students with ASD
Today, every school and every workplace in North America has students and workers who have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)—a neurological difference on the autism spectrum. It is important for every teacher and trainer to understand how to recognize behaviors that may indicate ASD. In this course, you take away strategies for working effectively with ASD students. The course is geared for K-12 teachers, counselors, and faculty in higher education, but is also relevant for trainers in the workplace.

Gender in the Classroom
Your female students learn differently than male students. Discover how girls and women learn. Take away 10 top tips for helping females learn more, and the 5 tips to help them succeed more. Then discover how boys and men learn. Take away 10 top tips for helping males learn more, and the 5 tips to help males succeed more in the classroom.  Get info about research not available anywhere else.
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