​​​​Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Get workforce training needed for employment. Learn communication and technology skills. Develop academic skills to prepare for college.

Plus, All classes are tuition-free for adults living in California.


WHat Do you Want to Do?


To participate in courses offered, students should be able to meet the following criteria:

​Likely to benefit from group instruction. 
Ability to independently perform schoolwork with minimal assistance.
Ability to follow directions and learn tasks. 
Attention span to participate in hour-long classes in a setting with distractions. 
Language comprehension skills to participate in the educational program. 
Receptive and expressive language skills. 
Behavioral and emotional responses in compliance with the SCC Student Code of Conduct.​
Independence with personal care and self-direction​

Contact Us

For more information contact Angela Guevara at 714-628-4860 or guevara_angela​@sccollege.edu

You can also request information online and we will contact you. 

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