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Dora Escobar

​Counselor Guides SCC Students to Success

A stellar counseling staff is a cornerstone of student success at Santiago Canyon College (SCC). Dora Escobar is Department Co-Chair and her areas of specialization are Athletics and Basic Skills students. Escobar assists student athletes using a simple formula---believe in them and guide them.

Dora EscobarFirst, she has what she refers to as “the talk” with students to unravel their needs and goals. Escobar recalled the day that she first counseled a first-generation college student who was also a soccer athlete.

“He was overwhelmed with decisions such as what to major in, which classes to take, and how to improve his grades,” said Escobar. “Together we developed a step-by-step plan to guide him toward grade improvement by utilizing campus resources such as tutoring and ensuring that his classes were transferable to four-year colleges. I also recommended that he take one or two classes during the intersession to keep him on schedule,” she added.

Escobar noted that his student plan included substantial research into the college selection and application process, which paid off. This highly motivated student raised his grades, graduated on schedule, and was accepted into all of the colleges that he applied to. Today, he is enrolled at a top University of California (UC) campus.

In another success story, she referenced a basic skills student enrolled in the American College Education (ACE) program at SCC. This student was intent on becoming a business major, and she worked with him to create a comprehensive plan that he followed carefully, starting at the bottom.

“His high grade point average helped with his acceptance to all of the colleges that he applied to. It’s pretty incredible to watch student growth as they follow a plan toward their goal,” said Escobar.