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German Yum Truck

​​Germna Yum Truck

​​1. Choose Style​​
#1 ClassicPita sandwich*, V
#2 BombPlatter with fries + half pita bread*, V+, GF
#3 HeavenCone box including fires*, V+, GF
#4 WrapLavash bread*, V
#5 SaladBowl with half pita bread*, V+, GF


​​2. Pick 1 Protein
Rotisserie grilled chicken GF
Rotisserie grilled beef and lamb *, +$1
Rotisserie grilled meat mix *, +$1
Rotisserie grilled falafel V+, GF


​​3. 1 Homemade Sauce
Classic (Spicy)Spicy-yogurt-herb 
Vegan (Dill)Vegan mayo-dillV+


4. X veggie Toppings​
 V+, GF
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Cucumber
  • Marinated red cabbage
  • Marinated white cabbage


Add Feta Cheese for +$1 (V/GF)

V+Vegan options available
VVegetarian options available
GFGluten free options available
*Additional charges may apply


Appetizers and Sides​​
Loaded doner fries 
French friesV+, GF
5 piece falafel with dipV+, GF
Pita bread with dipV, GF
Extra Dip: Tzatiziki, classic, classic (hot), vegan-dillV, GF


Bottled Drinks​
  • Water
  • Soda