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My List Instance
English Language Student
When I arrived in this country, I had a little English and I was very afraid that I would not be able to communicate. Now, I can communicate thanks to the English I have learned here. I am very happy because in the future, I will be able to talk with anyone. Our Students Say
HiSET Graduate
I have achieved my goal of obtaining my certificate, but my dream doesn't end here. It doesn't matter where you are now. If you have dreams, just follow them.
Career Ed Student
Several semesters ago, I was unemployed and signed up for classes at Continuing Ed. I applied for several jobs, including Disneyland; thanks to this school, I was hired in as a Disneyland photographer, my dream job!”
Active Adults Student
I was an analyst for 30 years and enjoy learning things that challenge me like watercolors, drawing & acrylics all which I'm learning with Continuing Ed. My teacher is amazing!
High School Diploma Student
The counselors and teachers are great and provide the support we need to succeed in the program. The flexible schedule also makes a huge difference for adults like me with busy lives. I can't wait to graduate.
High School Graduate
I am so thankful for the High School program. It has been a light. The staff and teachers encouraged me all along the way.