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Starting A Club

​​Student Life and Leadership and Inter Club Cou8ncil sincerely appreciates your interest in starting a new club/organization at Santiago Canyon College and would also like to support in your endeavors!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us :
Room A-206
(714) 628-4709

  1. Find at least 5 SCC friends with the desire and passion for leadership to join your student club/organization
  2. Find and obtain consent from a faculty or staff member at SCC to serve as your advisor
  3. Complete, review, and submit the "Club Registration Application" to the Office of Student Life and Leadership (SL&L) in A-206
  4. A "Meeting Time and Reservation Form" needs to be completed (SL&L will most likely assign this)
  5. You will need to meet with the members of your organization and compose a draft of a constitution and bylaws
  6. Once your club/organization has been approved by the Inter-Club Council (ICC) and the Office of SL&L, your student organization will receive a "Student Organization Handbook"​