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Student Learning Outcomes


Our Mission:

To assist faculty, staff, and the entire college community in preparing students to better think, learn, communicate, and act on knowledge gained through their experience at Santiago Canyon College.


  • Coordinates SLO assessment at the course and program levels, including creating and maintaining a time line and regularly assessing progress within the time line, in order to establish a process of sustainable continuous improvement and quality assurance in teaching and learning.

  • Initiate campus-wide communication on the SLO process, including dissemination of information as well as interactive dialog.

  • Educate the college community through workshops, training, newsletters and a website and provide resources in support of the SLO process.

  • Review student learning outcomes (SLOs) and assessment plans to reflect an emphasis on student success.

  • Make recommendations to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.


Minimum 7 Faculty with at least one faculty member from each of the Academic Divisions (Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Library, Mathematics and Sciences, Business and Career Technical Education, Counseling and Student Support Services, Continuing Education)

  • Faculty Assessment Coordinator
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee
  • Vice President of Student Services or designee
  • Assistant Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
  • Research Specialist
  • Support Services Assistant
  • Student