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Ronica Dixon

ronica-dixon.pngMajor: Human Development
Transfer Plans: Hope International University
Education Goal: Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate
Career Goal: Administration for Department of Education, or Public School System

How did Umoja help you?

“I would truly like to thank the SCC Umoja Program and LaKyshia Perez for believing in me and caring about my academic success! Right after graduating high school, I started working full-time and soon started a family. Fast forward 14 years, I am now a single mom of three amazing boys and struggle to make ends meet while also holding on to my goals to earn a degree, take care of my family, and remain a role model for my sons. Right when I was ready to give up on my dreams and had lost motivation, the Umoja Program blessed me with a grant that met all my financial and academic needs to continue my college goals. The Umoja Program has motivated me to push beyond what I ever thought was possible and possibly pursue a master’s degree.”

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