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University of California (UC) Campuses

The campuses of the University of California provide exciting environments that foster world-class educational and research opportunities and generate a wide range of benefits and services. SCC students are encouraged to explore all 9 campuses that accept undergraduate transfers to see what is the right fit for their transfer journey.​

Helpful UC Links


The web sites of individual UC campuses provide a wealth of information about their history, traditions, academic distinctions and social contributions as well as a compendium of facts, figures, maps and pictures. You can find helpful links below as well as links that will take you directly to each campus.​
​UC Ca​mpus​​
Transfer Page​​List of Majors
Transfe​rring to UC Berkeley​​U​C Berkeley Majors
DavisTransferring to UC Davis
UC Davis Majors​
Transferring to UCIUCI Majors​
​Los Angeles
Transferring to UCLA
UCLA Majors​
Transferring to UC Merced
​UC Merced Majors
Riverside​Transferring to UC Riverside
UC Riverside Majors​
San Diego
Transferring to UCSD
UCSD Majors​
Santa Barbara
Transferring to UCSB
UCSB Majors​
Santa Cruz
Transferring to UC Santa Cruz
UC Santa Cruz Majors​​

* UC San Francisco offers graduate/professional programs only, not undergrad degree (BA/BS) degree programs.


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