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Top Ten Tips for Transfer

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Finish Math and English Requirements

1)  While planning your 60 lower division transfer units, plan to finish your Math and English requirements early.

a.   If you will be transferring to a CSU, also complete Critical Thinking and Oral Communication requirements early to round out “the Golden Four” at least one full semester before you’ll transfer. 

Follow CSU or IGETC Requirements

2)  Follow the CSU or IGETC general education requirements.

a.   In some high-unit majors, such as certain engineering or science disciplines, you may prioritize major requirements ahead of GE. See your counselor for details and an academic plan.

Complete Major Preparation Courses

3)   In addition to your general education, do as much of your major preparation courses at Santiago Canyon College as possible, especially if you hope to pursue a highly competitive major or university.


Meet with Your SCC Counselor Often

4)   Meet with your Santiago Canyon College counselor often, especially if you change your major or the university you want to attend. Requirements change frequently, so it’s important for you to keep up to date. Contact (714) 628-4800 or go to to schedule an appointment.


Attend Transfer Fairs
Campus Tours and Workshops

5)   Attend the transfer fairs, campus tours, and workshops. These are valuable resources as you work toward choosing the universities to which you’ll apply, and most of these services are available free of charge.


Make an Appointment with University Representatives

6)   Make an appointment to meet with university representatives in the SCC Transfer Center. These representatives are a great source of information for any campus you are considering, and they are often involved in reviewing applicants. Contact (714) 628-4865 or see


Apply to More Than One College


7)  Apply to your dream campus, but apply to some backups as well. Don’t assume you’ll get in to your first choice.


Apply During the Priority Filing Period

 8)   Apply during the university’s priority filing period:


a.   California State University:
Fall Quarter/Semester:  October 1 – November 30
Winter Quarter/Semester:     June 1-30
Spring Quarter/Semester:      August 1-30
Summer Quarter:                       February 1-28 


b.   University of California:
Fall Quarter/Semester:   November 1-30
Winter Quarter:                 July 1-31
Spring Quarter:                  October 1-31 
                                               (except Berkeley & Merced)


c.   Private/Out of State Universities:

     Dates vary by university. Contact the SCC Transfer Center or the university admissions offices for specifics.

Dates may be extended and not all campuses/majors admit during each of these times. Check with the Transfer Center for details.

Visit the Career Center if Undecided About a Major

9)  If you are undecided about your major, please visit the Career Center, see a counselor, or sign-up for Counseling 116. All universities want you to declare a major when you apply, and some will not allow you to change majors once you enroll.


See a Counselor Every Semester

10)  Again, see a counselor every semester!