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Next Steps After Applying

(Updated 3/2/20)
  • Check your email regularly (including junk and spam folders)
  • Setup (and regularly visit) admissions portals and profiles
  • Send Official Transcripts only when requested
  • Admissions decisions will start rolling out in early February and continue through late April
  • Don't miss any deadlines
  • If you are denied, visit us to see how you can appeal the decision​

After you've applied to UC's or CSU's for Fall 2020 there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to ensure you remain eligible for admission.​ Staying on top of these deadlines is important, and it all starts with checking the inbox of the email on your profile of the application. Often times messages from universities will be lost in the junk or spam folders. Students need to know that missing deadlines because of problems with email is not considered a valid excuse and will not constitute overturning admissions decisions. Therefore, it's time to start the habit to check your email early and often to avoid any mishaps!​​​

​What are some of the things that need to get done before enrolling at a UC or CSU? Some of the main examples are below:

  • Email, Email, Email. ​​​Check your email regularly for updates from universities. Most campuses will email you about setting up a student portal for their campus, some will make you do supplemental applications, and ALL UC's will have you do an update (see next bullet point). Transcript requests, application updates, and admissions notices are all done through student portals.
  • Update UC Campuses. Complete the UC Transfer Academic Update (TAU) no later than January 31. The Transfer Success Center can assist you and will be holding lab time at the end of January to help with the academic update. To check out the dates and times that we will be holding lab time, click here.
  • Complete Supplemental Applications. Check your email for any supplemental applications that are required and how to access them for each campus. CSU Long Beach, San Diego State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Jose State, and UC Berkeley​ tend to have supplemental applications.
  • Graduation Petition. Are you getting a degree from SCC? Graduation petitions​ are due by March 13, 2020 (for those receiving an Associate's Degree for Transfer, please try to submit your graduation petition earlier to ensure you will get the admissions perks of the ADT).
  • FAFSA​/CA Dream Act Ap​plication. Do not wait until you are admitted to complete your financial aid application. California has a March 2nd, 2020 deadline. You can also apply for SCC scholarships here​! (Private schools may use CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA or Dream Act)
  • Send in Official Transcripts. Submit transcripts from all colleges attend once they are requested. To request transcripts from SCC, please go to the SCC Admissions and Records site or stop by their office in E-101. SCC will not automatically send transcripts for you, and they cannot send transcripts from any other college or university you attended even if they are on file at SCC. If you attended another college or university, please check with that college or university to see how they send transcripts. UC and CSU campuses will not request high school transcripts, but private or out of state schools might.
  • Sending AP, IB, and Other Scores. If you reported APIB, or other test scores, you will be required to sent them directly to each campus you applied to. They will request these similarly to transcripts. Even if they are on file, SCC cannot submit your test scores and having it indicated on your SCC transcript is not an acceptable submission.
  • When Will I Be Admitted? Admission notices are typically sent out in March and April. For CSU campuses, if admitted, the deadline to submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) is May 1. For UC Campuses, if admitted, the deadline to submit SIR is June 1.
  • I Got in an Want to Go, How Do I Tell Them? Unless it is waived, you will have to pay an admission deposit ranging from $50-500. If an admission deposit is required, it is a necessary step to submit the SIR. You cannot accept admission if you do not pay the required deposit.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and it is not necessarily in an exact, sequential order to follow. Specific schools may ask you to provide other information or to take additional steps. With 23 CSU campuses and 9 UC campuses, there are a lot of different institutitional decisions in play regarding timelines, dates, and deadlines. The most important thing you can do is to get organized and stay on top of deadlines. Visit your counselor or the Transfer Success Center for more help.​

​Private schools and out of state schools do not adhere to the same requirements and timelines as the UC or CSU systems. Each school has its own transfer process. Visit Room D-104 if you have a specific private or out of state campus that you want to apply to.