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About the Transfer Success Center

SCC Stude​nt​ Online Resources
A Message from the Santiago Canyon College Transfer Success Center regarding available online services and resources: Amid ongoing concern about the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Transfer Success Center’s top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our students and staff.  We are committed to being responsive and flexible to your needs. Please visit the SCC Student Online Resources Page for tools, resources, services, and answers to any questions that you have about virtual and distance learning.​

​​​​​​​​​​​Mission Statement​

​​The Transfer Success Center supports and guides students through the four-year university transfer process. We aim to empower all students, especially those underrepresented and disadvantaged, in achieving their transfer goals. Programs, services, and resources are provided to give comprehensive transfer information which will help students prepare for successful admission and transition to four-year institutions.​

SCC's Transfer Success

  • Santiago Canyon College has transferred students to over 500 universities and colleges worldwide since becoming independently accredited in 2000. SCC's most popular transfer destinations are Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, U​C Irvine, UCLA, Chapman, USC, and Arizona State, but SCC students have also transferred to schools​ such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, BYU, CalTech, Stanford, and many more.
  • SCC has excellent transfer admission success at highly competitive UC campuses such as UCLA and UC Berkeley.
  • SCC students have the opportunity participate in the UC Transfer Admission Guaran​tee program (TAG), which offers guaranteed admission for qualifying students at six of the nine UC campuses.
  • The UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) provides SCC Honors students greatly enhanced admission priority, plus eligibility for exclusive TAP program scholarships.
  • A special partnership with UC Irvine allows SCC Honors students to participate in the UCI Honors to Honors program, which grants e​ntry into UCI's Campuswide Honors program and gives priority consideration for the UC Regents Scholarship.​​

​​​Quick Answers to General Questions

  • ​​Why should I visit the Transfer Success Center? ​Great question! We are here to help you before, during, and after the application. Our staff is able to help you regarding a wide range of transfer and college topics.
  • What if I'm not sure my question is for the Transfer Success Center? Come see us anyway. Whatever we can help with, we will. If it's outside of our service area or our area of expertise, we work closely with all student services on campus to ensure that you can get the answers that you need. Start with us if you're not sure where to go.
  • Do you have transfer counselors available? All of our general counseling staff can assist you with transfer-specific questions. Unfortunately, we do not have any dedicated faculty in the office. That being said, there is no partition between our office and general counseling. A short walk from the TSC and you'll be seeing your counselor!
  • Can the Transfer Success Center recommend courses or map my ed plan out? That would be an emphatic no. Counselors at SCC are all highly-trained and skilled, so they are the ones that need to make sure you are taking the right courses. We can view your transcripts for various requirements but we cannot advise on classes that you should take. 
  • I'm looking to apply to an out-of-state or private school. What should I do? We send students to schools all around the country. It's one of the great perks of an education of a stellar California Community College like SCC. You should come see us AND visit your counselor to make sure you are maximizing your time and financial investment while here at SCC.
  • What are my chances of getting into my dream school? Trust us on this one; if there was a magic formula for determining admissions chances, we would be wallpapering the D-building with that information. You'd be hard-pressed to miss it! Each college campus does admissions in their own unique way. We can give you a better picture of your chances for CSU and UC campuses based upon historic trends, but we cannot tell you whether or not you are getting in.
  • I received an email that I don't understand. Can you explain it to me? Yes! We encourage you to take an active interest in your education, including in the application process. We can help clear up what a school's email means but we need you to read it through carefully first. Be very, very careful with email communications from universities. They are the primary form of communication and missing deadlines can adversely affect admission eligibility.
  • Do you have workspace available in your center? Yes and no. We are a very small center. We have one work table and one computer. You are welcome to use them at anytime that we are open for transfer-related work (sorry, we are not an alternative to the library). It is first-come, first-serve and if another student is there first we will do our best to help you utilizing counseling center space.
  • Can I set an appointment with the Transfer Success Center? Depending on the time of year, you should have no problem setting up an appointment with us. Fall (particularly September thru November) are an unusual time in the center as we are seeing students from open to close. Appointments become limited at our busier times. Keep in mind that we are drop-in friendly and that you do not need an appointment to visit us.
  • Will you read my admissions essay? Absolutely! We are happy to read your admissions essays for content, structure, narrative, and flow. None of us are English professors in here so unless there is a glaring grammar or spelling issue, we won't focus on that aspect of the writing. Please plan to give us at least 48 hours to review any essay submissions. If you come in the day of an application deadline, we may be limited in our ability to read through all written responses.
  • When should I visit? Early, and often.

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    The SCC Transfer Success Center is committed to providing outstanding service to all members of our campus community.