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Workshop Descriptions

Leadership Workshop Descriptions

Student leaders 

  Introduction to Leadership (1.5 hours)

This workshop will explore various leadership styles, as well as which style is appropriate for specific situations. Leadership characteristics and traits will be identified. Students will also be given the opportunity to create their own leadership philosophy.


  Leading a Balanced Lifestyle (1.5 hours)

A diverse set of topics related to managing multiple priorities will be reviewed. Additionally, this workshop will address time management and skills that help you identify your priorities in order to maximize your time. Essential elements of budgeting from both an organization’s perspective and a college student’s perspective will also be outlined. Stress management, including how to effectively deal with change, is also a topic of discussion.


  Communication Styles (1.5 hours)

This workshop will analyze leadership communication and provide tips on developing skills to communicate effectively as a leader. Ways to enhance interpersonal skills and develop listening strategies will be discussed. This workshop will also examine communication barriers and how to effectively navigate through them to improve communication lines.


  Public Speaking (1.5 hours)

For many people, speaking in front of a group is one of their biggest fears.  This workshop’s focus is to teach students how to be confident and competent public speakers by controlling the anxieties of speaking in front of a group. Discussion will take place regarding why public speaking has historically been a frightening experience, and how individuals can effectively prepare themselves. The workshop will also address elements of conducting an effective presentation.


  Diverse Community (1.5 hours)

Successful leaders understand and educate themselves on the changing demographics within the community, nation, and world. This workshop will explore the impact that a diverse community may have in your personal interactions with others and ways to embrace multiculturalism. You will be challenged to reexamine your personal values and beliefs, and discover stereotypes and biases that you may hold. It will help students develop an openness and appreciation of difference and underscore the richness that diversity can add to a group or organization. Techniques for building community cohesion will also be addressed.



  Teamwork and Collaboration (1 hour)

Leadership is a process that involves a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. This workshop will discuss the group process and how it evolves over time. Also, we will discuss how individual differences between group members can be strengths instead of weaknesses. Techniques and principles of proper and effective collaboration will also be presented.


  Conflict Resolution (1.5 hours) 

This workshop will focus on helping students learn how to diffuse difficult situations and people. Students will learn how to address conflicts in a calm and professional manner and develop skillful approaches for dismantling conflicts in order to find a suitable solution. The workshop will address the differences between assertive, aggressive, and passive behavior.


  Dealing with Racism and Other “Isms” (2 hours)

Students will examine issues of racism, sexism, ageism, the disabled, and gender. This workshop will explore how generalizations about groups often lead to intergroup conflicts and misunderstandings. We will address the issues surrounding “isms” in order to increase awareness, sensitivity, and understanding. Suggestions will be presented on how to process the anger and frustration caused by racism and other “isms.”


  Ethical Decision Making (1 hour)

This workshop will discuss strategies for practicing value-driven leadership through identifying the differences between what a person “wants” to do and “should” do. Techniques for handling very difficult and ambiguous situations will be explored. Models that can assist the decision-maker in choosing between right and wrong will be discussed.



  Leadership for What? (1 hour)

This workshop will serve as the culminating experience for the Student Leadership Institute. Participants will reflect on the skills, knowledge, and experience gained from participating in SLI. Participants will be asked to reflect on their own perceptions of leadership, evaluate their leadership skills, and discuss ways to continue developing and practicing their skills.