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Student Life & Leadership

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Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life & Leadership is committed to student leadership growth and development by providing leadership opportunities to demonstrate advocacy, integrity and cultural vitality of our diverse student population. Through these efforts student life seeks to empower students in becoming leaders through professional and social development while promoting purposeful connections to the SCC campus.  

Vision Statement

Developing capable and effective student leaders is our commitment! the Office of Student Life and Leadership strive to enrich a student's college life through leadership development program and activities within social and cultural awareness while collaborating with the campus community through meaningful experiences. This commitment ensures SCC student leaders will successfully demonstrate the necessary skills and abilities in becoming community leaders.

Student Success Outcomes (adopted from the University of Minnesota)

As a result of participation in Student Life and Leadership programs the successful Santiago Canyon College student will develop and demonstrate achievement in several areas:

  • Responsibility & Accountability
    • makes appropriate decisions regarding his/her behavior
    • recognizes consequences of actions
    • accepts consequences of actions and takes responsibility for own decisions
    • demonstrates required job skills
    • relates well with peers (courteous and approachable)
    • handles disagreements and conflicts fairly, equitably, and in a timely manner
    • reasonably accessible for consultation and considers other's viewpoints
    • meets agree upon expectations and follows through on commitments

  • Independence & Interdependence
    • appropriately determines when to act alone and when to work or consult with others
    • demonstrates ability to initiate action and effectively engages others to enhance outcomes
    • gives praises and recognition to other peer members
    • encourages planning and creativity
    • contributes to the overall success of the organization
    • willing to actively participate in events and demonstrates cohesiveness within group
    • adapts behavior as appropriate in response to organization needs

  • Goal Oriented
    • possesses and maintains sufficient motivation to achieve goals
    • demonstrates effective planning and purposeful behavior
    • establishes priorities effectively and successfully
    • sets a timeframe for goals and communicates them to other members of the organization
    • adjusts actions as necessary to keep on track with goals
    • does not allow distractions to prevent timely completion of tasks
  • Self-Confidence/Humility
    • maintains and projects optimistic perspective
    • expects the best from self and others (promotes leadership within others)
    • accurately assesses and appropriately articulates personal strengths & weaknesses
    • shows interest in learning about others and their accomplishments
    • confident in their leadership style
    • demonstrates ability to help others adapt to new situation

  • Resilience
    • able to recover from disappointments or bad experiences and continue to work successfully
    • a good listener (good empathy skills and can "read" people well)
    • constantly learns from own experience and from the experiences of others
    • able to work through disappointments (i.e. what caused them, what can be done to avoid them next time, and what can be done to repair them now)

  • Appreciation of Differences
    • works effectively with others, despite differences
    • can respectfully discuss differences with others
    • appreciates the importance of diversity and conveys this value to others
    • understands and respects the values of others

  • Tolerance of Ambiguity
    • demonstrates intellectual and emotional ability to perform in complicated environments and the absence of standard operating procedures
    • can work under conditions of uncertainty