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Activity Forms

​​The Office of Student Life and Leadership

​Activity Forms

If you represent a student club/organization at SCC and are planning an activity/event on or off campus or would like to reserve a meeting space, please submit an Activity/Event/Meeting Request Form along with any additional forms indicated below. 

Activity/Event/Meeting Re​quest Form

If your event is a fundraiser, you must fill out a Revenue Potential/Fundraising Recap form. The completed form should be turned in to Student Life within 24 hours of your fundraiser along with any funds gathered. 

Fundraising Recap.pdf

For On-Campus Activity/Event you need:

Use this form if you are inviting a guest speaker or performer at your event.

Hold Harmless Agreement 

For Off-Campus Activity/Event you need:

Each student attending an official off-campus activity or event must complete a ​Student Participation in District Sponsored Field Trip or Excursion ​before they participate in the event. Your club/organization advisor will distribute a unique link for participants to complete the form for the specific event. If this this is not available, a generic version of the form is available here: 

District Sponsored Field Trip Form.pdf