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Welcome Scholarship Committee Members!

This page is designed for participants of the SCC Scholarship Review Committee. We hope that the information provided here helps with any questions you might have during the review process. If you need assistance, please reach out to us via phone or email. At this moment, we request that faculty and staff contact our office via email (preferred) or by phone.

Step-By-Step Guide

We've created a guide to help navigate the scholarship review portal. Screenshots are included along with some tips and frequently asked questions.

Click Here For The Step-By-Step Reviewers Guide


There are common issues that scholarship committee members may face while reviewing applications. We are here to help! Below are some common questions and solutions. Don't see your question listed? Give us a call or send us an email.

Important Note:

Before trying any of the solutions below, be sure to check your internet browser. The online system is not compatible with Internet Explorer. To resolve any issues related to this incompatibility, copy and paste the link below into either Google Chrome (preferred) or Firefox.


​Try This:

​Forgot password?

​Click the "trouble logging in" button at the bottom of the sign in page. From there, you can enter your email and reset your password.

​Locked out of account?

​The system will lock users out if they attempt and fail to log in too many times. The system will reset in about half an hour. Try again or reset your password (see above).

​Logged in, but don't see the assigned reviews?

​You may have served as another role in the system. For example, many committee members have also acted as references for students. Hover over your name/email at the top right of the page. From the drop down, you should be able to switch views between reviewer and reference.

Not familiar with the scholarship criteria?

​Click on the name of the scholarship and the "opportunity details" tab to learn more about the criteria and the donor preference. Committee notes can also be found here.

​Can't see the application as you review?

​There is an option for committee members to see both the rubric and the application as they review. Click on the "side-by-side" button to select this view.

​Started a review, but don't see the submit button?

​This issue commonly occurs when using Internet Explorer.
It can also happen when you copy the link from Internet Explorer and paste it into one of the other browsers. Close out all browsers and reopen a new Chrome or Firefox window. Instead of copying from the Internet Explorer address bar, copy the link above and paste it directly into the address bar of either the Chrome or Firefox page. Still not working? Give us a call at (714) 628-4702.

Questions? Contact Us!


Phone: (714) 628-4702