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Scholarships at SCC

The Scholarship Office at Santiago Canyon College processes a variety of scholarships for both students continuing at SCC and students transferring to a four-year university. Below are general descriptions and timelines of some of the opportunities available at our campus. 

Contact our office if you have specific questions about our scholarship opportunities.

Annual Scholarships

Online applications are typically available January through March for students continuing at SCC and students transferring from SCC to a four-year institution. Recipients are recognized during a special Scholarship Ceremony at the end of the spring semester. Funds are disbursed during the following academic year. Click here for more details. 

Continuing Education Scholarships

Scholarships​ are available for students enrolled in the Continuing Education Program and for students transitioning from the Continuing Education Program in to the college credit programs at SCC. For information on the application process, please contact the Continuing Education Program at (714) 628-5900.

Departmental Scholarships

Some academic and student service departments on campus offer scholarships for SCC students. Some departmental scholarships include Athletic Scholarships, Art Scholarships, and English Scholarships etc. Check with your academic department to see if any scholarships are offered.

Freshman Scholarships

Scholarships are available every fall semester for incoming freshmen who have completed less than 12 college credits. Applications can be picked up in the Scholarship Program Office (A-210) during the fall semester. Funds are disbursed in the spring semester. Click here​ for more information. 

One Time Scholarships (OTS)

Students can apply independently for scholarships offered outside of our campus. Scholarships are offered outside of our campus by a variety of sources, such by local businesses, high schools, employers, and volunteer organizations etc. The SCC Scholarship Program Office does not advertise or provide scholarship information from outside organizations or agencies. If you have been awarded a scholarship from an outside organization or agency, please visit our office for more information on processing the scholarship.

Click here for more information on sending a scholarship to SCC.

Veteran Scholarships

Veteran students can apply for veteran scholarships by attending a Veterans Service Office (VSO) orientation at the start of each fall and spring. Eligible veterans must be enrolled at SCC and participate in one the Veterans Services Office programs.​

Looking for more scholarships?

There are scholarships offered outside of our institution by a variety of agencies, organizations and non-profits. Although SCC does not advertise or endorse scholarships offered outside of our campus, students are encouraged to look for additional scholarships. We highly recommend starting with the Department of Education's website for information on safely searching for scholarships. A tip for students is to start at the local level. Check your local community resources and non-profits for scholarship opportunities. The Department of Labor also has a nation-wide scholarship search engine available.

Department of Education Scholarship Information

Department of Labor's Scholarship Search