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One Time Scholarships


Students may apply for scholarships offered outside of our college district. Corporations, public agencies and nonprofits may send a scholarship to Santiago Canyon College on behalf of a student registered at the college. Typically, students will apply for and be awarded from an organization that is outside of our college. We refer to these types of scholarships as "One-Time Scholarships (OTS). Unlike a scholarship awarded through our annual scholarship or freshman scholarship process, these “One-Time Scholarships" will be processed immediately in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the SCC Scholarship Office. ​​

COVID-19 Update: The campus is currently serving students remotely. As a result, the Scholarship Program Office and the Foundation Office staff have limited access to campus. This may cause a delay in processing of OTS scholarships.


Interested in searching for scholarships outside of SCC? 

Although SCC does not advertise scholarships offered outside of our college, we do support our students who are searching for additional scholarship opportunities​ in their communities. We do not have details on scholarship requirements or deadlines for scholarships outside of our campus. Each scholarship application will be unique in terms of criteria and due dates, so make sure that you read the directions carefully. Our Tips & Guides can be used as an additional resource to help you prepare for other scholarship applications. 

There are also other resources, such as the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor - OneStop​ scholarship search engine that can help students search for scholarships safely online.


How to send an OTS to SCC on behalf of a student:

Step 1. Confirm the SCC Student ID Number

In order for our campus to process the funds on behalf of your scholarship recipient, we will need to have a valid SCC Student ID Number. We ask that you contact your recipient to confirm his/her SCC Student ID Number and to include this information either on the memo section of the check or within a letter sent along with the scholarship.

If you cannot confirm the SCC Student ID Number, please include other information that can be used to verify the student such as date of birth or the last four digits of the social security number.

Step 2. Outline Unit or Enrollment Criteria 

The Scholarship Program Office will review any unit or enrollment criteria from the donor included with the scholarship. Please note that per state law there are certain criteria​ we cannot legally honor, including criteria related to race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. Contact our office if you have questions. 


Step 3. Send the Scholarship

Donors should make the check payable to Santiago Canyon College (not the SCC Foundation) and mail it along with any accompanying documents to the following address. Be sure the donors include the office and room number when sending scholarships to the campus.

Santiago Canyon College

ATTN: Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

 8045 E. Chapman Avenue, Room E-104

Orange CA 92869-4512

OTS Disbursement Policy

  • Directly prior to disbursement, the Scholarship Office will review the enrollment / unit criteria and confirm that the student actively attending SCC.
  • Our campus does not have “student accounts" to which these funds can be applied. An OTS will NOT be divided into a fall and a spring disbursement or held for future semesters. The entire scholarship amount will be processed during the semester it is received. 
  • OTS funds will first be applied to any outstanding fees owed to the college. Residual funds will be issued directly to the student in the form of a check sent to the address on file with the school.
  • If donors wish the residual funds to be used specifically for t books and/or educational supplies, they will need to communicate this to the student recipient. The Scholarship Office will not track student purchases or collect receipts​ after the funds are disbursed to the student. 
  • If a student fails to meet the enrollment / unit criteria at the time the OTS is received, funds will be reimbursed to the donor. In order for the donor to obtain the payment, a W-9 form must be on file with the campus. Failure to provide a W-9 form within 6 months of the initial request will result in forfeiting of the funds. ​
  • The W-9 form and instructions can be found on the IRS website:

Advertising Scholarships At SCC

Scholarship Office has established a policy which limits advertising of any outside scholarships to those with a specific connection to our college district or the Foundation for California Community Colleges to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.  If your agency or organization would like to advertise or promote a scholarship to our students, please contact the Santiago Canyon College Foundation Office at 717-628-4888 to establish a scholarship account with our college. Arrangements must be made in advance according to established campus policies and procedures before a scholarship can be advertised to SCC students. 

​Questions? Contact the Scholarship Office!

We are happy to help answer your questions regarding the OTS process and disbursement policy.

Click here for our contact information and office hours.