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RSCCD Smoke-Free Policy

District Policy

RSCCD Board Policy​
RSCCD Administrative Regulation

​​Why is Santiago Canyon College a smoke-free campus?  

​At the request of student government leaders, faculty and staff, Santiago Canyon College became smoke-free effective February 9, 2009.  This smoke-free initiative protects students, employees and visitors to the risks of first and second-hand smoke.  Because of tobacco's status as the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., many colleges and universities are already smoke and tobacco-free.

Where am I allowed to smoke?  

Effective February 9, 2009, smoking is allowed only in parking lots 1-6 (see map below for locations).

Can I smoke in my car? 

Yes, as long as it's parked in lots 1-6.

How is the smoke-free initiative enforced?  

All smokers are expected to voluntarily comply.  Enforcement depends on the cooperation of college employees and public safety officers who observe possible violations.  These violations will be handled through already-established discipline procedures based on the Rancho Santiago Community College District Board approved Student Code of Conduct. 

Does the smoke-free initiative apply to visitors too? 

Yes, it applies to everyone who comes to the SCC campus.  Visitors will be notified of the smoke-free initiative through signs posted in parking lots and on buildings throughout the campus. 

Are smoking cessation programs and other resources available? 

Yes. Student health fees cover visits to the SCC Health and Wellness Center (located in T-102), where information about referrals to community resources is available.

I attend classes at Santa Ana College and they have adopted a tobacco-free initiative.  What's the difference between smoke-free and tobacco-free?  

Tobacco-free includes the use of any tobacco product.  In addition to known health hazards associated with smokeless tobacco products, there are sanitary concerns such as chew spit on sidewalks, in water fountains and trash cans.​