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Crisis Support & Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student

​​​​​​​Crisis Support​

​​Student Health & Wellness Center​(714) 628-4773
Crisis Intervention Team
​(714) 628-4766
​Campus Security
​(714) 628 4730

Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student Guide

Your general interaction with our students will be quite pleasant and productive.  However, there may be times you will experience student behavior causing you concern, discomfort, or interference with your work or the education of other students.  When these situations occur, we encourage you to know and use the services available.

This guide was developed to provide concrete advice on how to aid emotionally distressed students and offer steps on how to refer them for help.  Students learn much more than academics in college, discovering important life lessons and developing critical aspects about themselves appropriate to their current life stage as a student.  Many students face significant difficulties and may struggle during this process.  We have the opportunity to contribute to their self-development through our willingness to notice and respond to their difficulties in a supportive and helpful manner.  By offering assistance, we teach our students that problems are best resolved by directly addressing them and that hiding distress unnecessarily reduces the quality of life.

We emphasize the value of early intervention and prevention services for our students.  We look forward to working with you further in promoting a safe learning environment supporting students’ intellectual, social, and emotional development.