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Health Care Fees

Flu Vaccine:  $15.00
Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Pertussis (DTaP):  $38.00

Other prescription medications can be filled at local pharmacies.  Comparison shopping may save you money on prescriptions.  Prescription drug information is available at SCC Student Health & Wellness Center.

TB Test & Assessment:

TB Skin Test: $10.00

TB Assessment: $15.00

Lab Tests:
PAP Smear and Chlamydia: $68.00
Venipuncture Fee: $3.00
Pregnancy Test: $10.00
Urinalysis: $5.00
"Chem Panel" (CBC, Thyroid Function, Cholesterol, & electrolytes): $48.00
Other laboratory, STD, culture studies charges vary depending on the test.

Physical Exam & Procedures:
Physical Exam Forms: $25.00 Charges vary depending on forms.
CryoSurgery (per visit):  Depends on number of lesions

General Supplies:

Reusable ice packs:  $8.00 
Ace wraps (2”, 3”, 4”): $4.00

Cough drops: $0.25 each

All Prices may vary depending on market conditions.

Student Health and Wellness Services  (714) 628-4773