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Leave a Lasting Legacy

​​​​​Do you want to leave a legacy that will have a larger impact on our diverse population of students? If so, then you might want to consider naming the Santiago Canyon College Foundation in your will or trust. Your bequest can directly benefit our students by funding scholarships, enhancing current academic programs or helping create new, innovative programs.  What greater legacy could you leave to your community than that?

If you are at least 70 1/2 and want to enjoy the personal satisfaction of giving now rather than later, you might want to consider making a direct charitable distribution from your traditional IRA. Directing all or part of your IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to the SCC Foundation is a great way to make a gift and lower your adjusted gross income for tax purposes. 

At any age, you can make a gift to the SCC Foundation of appreciated stocks or mutual funds, rather than sell them and pay taxes on the capital gains.  By gifting the appreciated asset directly to the Foundation, In most cases you will get a tax deduction for the asset's full market value and no tax bill for the sale. In every case, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar of the sale of the security will go into supporting programs at Santiago Canyon College. 

If you want to leave a charitable gift in the future, but want supplemental income for yourself or someone else now, you might consider setting up a charitable gift annuity. A gift annuity, managed in trust by the Community College League for California, offers you a very attractive vehicle to make a future gift to the Santiago Canyon College Foundation, take a tax deduction, and receive recurring income at a favorable rate of return.  

To find out more about any of these charitable giving options, please email Karen Bustamante at​ or call 714-628-4888. Don't have a specific philanthropic interest in mind for your gift?  We would be happy to share our story with you and help you find an area of need that best reflects your personal interests. 

Links on this page to publically-available internet resources in no way serves as an endorsement of the sponsors of those sites or of the information they provide. Please consult a financial planner or attorney for financial guidance that fits your individual circumstances.