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Guidelines, Policies, Procedures and Timeline 

    Grant Application


     The SCC Foundation serves Santiago Canyon College by providing supplemental dollars to enhance college programs and services that directly benefit students.  Funds provided for this purpose will be made available for disbursement at the discretion of the SCC Foundation Board of Directors through a formalized grant request process as outlined below. 

     Requests will be considered based on timeliness and completeness of the application, the impact and value to students and the college relative to other grant requests, and the overall availability of funds.  Special attention will be given to grant requests that reflect the college’s annual and long-range goals and objectives.  Grant requests should fall within at least one of the categories listed below: 

1. Student Support Services – Activities that enhance student leadership, self-esteem, cultural enrichment, educational growth and development
2. Program Enrichment – Programs that extend and expand the diversity of college offerings.
3. Image Enrichment – Activities that enhance the college’s image and raise community awareness of programs and services the college provides.


1. Requests must be submitted by a current Santiago Canyon College faculty or staff member.
2. Applicants may apply for a grant on their own or as part of a group.
3. For the 2021-22 fiscal year, up to $2,500.00 may be requested for each project/program, although the actual amount granted, if any, will be subject to the relative strength and impact of the application compared to other applications, the availability to the applicant of other sources of funding for the project/program, and availability of funds.
4. Applicants might be asked to provide additional, clarifying information related to their request.
5. All applications must be reviewed, approved and signed by the appropriate Dean/Vice President prior to submission.
6. The Santiago Canyon College Foundation reserves the right to terminate funding or withhold future funding should the terms of the project/activity be substantially changed without prior foundation approval.
7. If the grant funding is for an event or a program for which the foundation provides a portion of the overall budget, the SCC Foundation should be prominently listed as a sponsor in any promotional materials. Upon request, Foundation staff can provide a digital version of the SCC Foundation's logo.
8. Grantees may carry over unspent grant funds to the next fiscal year. However, a pattern of retaining grant funding year over year without a compelling reason for doing so may adversely affect the success of subsequent grant applications.


1. Requests must be submitted on the official application form and be reviewed and signed by the appropriate dean/vice president prior to submission.

2. Applications for FY 2021-22 grant funding must be received by 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 30, 2021 to be considered. No exceptions. Applications may be emailed to or dropped off in A-213.
3. Requests for funding will be considered for approval by the SCC Foundation Board of Directors at their regular board meeting on October 28, 2021.
4. Approved funding will be deposited into the appropriate SCC Foundation or Auxiliary Services account within two weeks of SCC Foundation board approval. If funds are to be transferred to an Auxiliary Services account, it is the grant recipient's responsibility to ensure that a fund site exists to which the grant funds can be applied.

Inquiries:  ​Ruth Cossio-Muniz, Executive Director for College Advancement
(714) 628-4888​