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Welcome Alumni

​​​The SCC Alumni Network was founded to promote and facilitate a lifelong relationship between SCC and its former students and to encourage ongoing support for the college. We bring together volunteers, faculty and students to achieve our goal of keeping Santiago Canyon College a place that nurtures personal growth and contributes to lifelong enrichment opportunities. 

We encourage you to join the SCC Alumni Network if you have completed an associate degree, transferred to a four-year institution, completed a certificate program or completed significant coursework at SCC to gain new knowledge.  

The list of benefits of being an SCC alumni continues to grow. Currently, as an SCC alumni you will receive an exclusive 10% discount on one class when you register for a Community Services course using an individual special code sent to you by email. Can't find your code? Email for more information. You may also qualify for discounts from your auto insurance company for being an alumni. Check with your provider for details. 

A robust alumni network is a vital link to SCC's past and an important factor in building the reputation and financial health of the college. The network is also a resource for SCC alumni seeking to build their professional networks, to get involved on campus or just to have fun and reconnect with fellow Hawks. 

Click on the SCC Alumni Network logo below to join.  

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