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Financial Aid FAQ's

 Q: How do I get information about CARES Act/HEERF emergency funds?

A: We have a web page with information here​​​.

 Q: How do I communicate with a Financial Aid representative?

A:  You may email anytime, call us or visit during our regular business hours. We are open M-Th 8AM - 5:30PM and F 8AM - 12PM unless otherwise stated on our homepage. 

Q: How do I submit my Financial Aid documents?

A: ​ You can upload your documents securely through the Self Service Portal​. Login with your WebAdvisor ID and password


Mail paper documents to the Financial Aid Office by USPS  (snail mail) to the following address:

Santiago Canyon College
Attn: Financial Aid Office
8045 E. Chapman Ave,
Orange, CA 92869


​Q: Do I have to pay back my financial aid if I drop a class?

A:  Financial aid is paid on the assumption that a student is going to complete their classes. When a student drops or withdraws from a class, the class is not completed. Any money the student received through financial aid for that class may need to be returned to SCC.

 Please refer to the SCC Disbursement Schedule for more information regarding Title IV Freeze Dates. If you drop units prior to the Freeze (PRD) Date, you may be required to pay back all or a portion of your aid received. If you Withdraw from all your classes even after the Freeze (PRD) date or fail all of your classes, you may be required to pay back all or a portion of your aid received.

If classes were dropped for Covid related reasons, this may be an excused withdrawal. Consult with a Financial Aid staff member if you have questions.

​Q: What about my CCPG Fee Waiver?

A:  ​Dropping classes does not require the student to return any funds for the CCPG Fee Waiver.

It is possible that you may be ineligible for the fee waiver next ​semester if dropping or failing cause your cumulative GPA to drop below 2.0, or your cumulative completion rate drops below 50%. See more info here​.

How do I check my Financial Aid status?

A: The easiest way is to log in to our Self Service portal here: using your WebAdvisor ID and password. You will find your messages from Financial Aid, what has been awarded, your SAP status and more.​​

Q: How do I get help completing my FAFSA?

A: "I Can Afford College" online Workshops here, free but you have to register:

We are also available to answer questions via phone or email or online chat.


Q: Federal Work Study Student:  Can I still come to work as a student assistant during this time?

A:  Please contact your direct supervisor for more information.


Q: If I, or someone close to me is showing symptoms of the flu (fever, cough, shortness of breath), can I still come to campus?

A: If you or someone close to you feels unwell, please do not come to campus. Call your health care provider and follow their instructions. Currently, most Financial Aid staff are working remotely and are not located on campus.​

For additional information and updates from 

Rancho Santiago Community College District regarding COVID-19, 

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