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CCPG Fee Waiver Application

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Originally known as the BOGW Fee Waiver.​

If you are not going to submit a FAFSA or Dream Act Application, you can apply for just ​the CCPG ​fee waiver either through an online form, or a paper application:

You must complete ALL questions on the application. If you are eligible, the waiver will be added to your student account promptly.  A paper application must be attached to an email as a pdf and emailed to​ or can be dropped off at our office in person.

On questions #10 and #11 -- Pick one: you are either #10 Dependent (under age 24, unmarried, no children) OR #11 Independent -- select the correct one for you and write how many persons live in the household who are supported by parent (#10 ​Dependent) or student (#11 Independent).

​TYPE B - 2022-2023 (use 2020 income for household)

           Question #12

  • Dependent students (students under age 24 who are unmarried and no child dependent upon them) are required to submit their parents' household income
  • Independent students (age 24 and up, or under age 24 who are married or have dependent child/children) are required to​ use both their income and the income of their spouse, if married

To be eligible for 2022-2023, income in 2020 cannot be higher than listed below:



​1​$ 19,320
​2​$  26,130
​​3​$  32,940
​4​$  39,750
​5​$  46,560
​6​$  53,370
​7​$  60,180
​8​$  66,990
​Each additional
family member
​$  6,810

The 2020 income amounts listed above are ONLY for students who do not submit FAFSA or Dream Act applications.  FAFSA and Dream Act applications work with many more data points about each student -- therefore, students with higher income than listed above can still qualify for the fee waiver using those applications.  ​