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Book Advance Program (FA-Link)

​FA-Link will be available in the SCC Bookstore starting the first day of the Spring semester (February 10). 

Did you know? Even before your financial aid check arrives you can access your federal financial aid funds to buy your text books (only at the SCC Bookstore), starting the first week of the semester! Here's how:

You will need the following items prior to arriving at the SCC Bookstore:

  • A Valid Student ID Card
  • A print-out of your class schedule (showing enrollment) Note: Bookstore will keep this print-out.
  • If you plan to rent your text books instead of buy them, you will need a major credit card to secure the rental
Book Advance is only available for use on the following dates for SPRING 2020:

​Feb 10 through Feb 24
Feb 27 through Mar 9​
​Mar 12 through Mar 29
​Apr 2 through Apr 13
Apr 16 through Apr 26
May 1 through May 11
​May 14 through May 25
​May 28 though June 8


  • You will be asked by the cashier to complete and SIGN a Financial Aid Book Advance Authorization Form at the time of purchase
  • Although you may have received an award letter and accepted your award, the cashier may inform you that funds are unavailable in your account. If this happens, please RETURN to the Financial Aid Office for more information. (Building E, Room 104)
  • Note: Financial Aid Funds are intended to cover educational expenses, however you can purchase other items from the bookstore
  • Please understand that once your financial aid check has been printed by the bank, no further financial aid access will be available directly through our Bookstore until the next term (because your funds will already be disbursed to you through your check)

Getting Your Books

  • Any SCC Bookstore cashier can help you
  • Funds available for “In-Store" purchases only
  • Purchase of other bookstore merchandise is allowable
  • Book rentals are permitted (you will need a major credit card to secure the rental)

​Ho​w the Financial Aid Book Advance Program Works

Following are the steps students MUST follow prior to going to the Bookstore:

Step 1: Student receives award letter and is eligible for federal financial aid
Step 2: Student logs in to Web Advisor and "accepts" their award
Step 3: Student enrolls in classes and currently shows a Satisfactory Status for Academic Progress (SAP)
Step 4: Student goes to the SCC Bookstore with the following items:

  • Valid Student ID Card
  • Copy of student's​ Enrolled Class Schedule print-out (Note: Bookstore will keep print-out)
  • A major credit card (ONLY necessary if student plans to RENT text books)​

Example of Funds Available:

If a student is eligible for $1,000 in federal financial aid for the term (and has followed Steps 1-4 above) they may pick up their books at the SCC Bookstore against their pending disbursement starting the first day of class. The cost of the bookstore purchase will be deducted from student's first federal financial aid disbursement.

Eligibility for $1,000 in federal financial aid for the current semester or term:

Current Term​
12 units9 units6 unitsLess than 6 units
Pell Grant amount$1000$750$500$200
Student's amount available for books$500


The difference of the remaining amount will be issued to the student in their financial aid disbursement.

Federal financial aid award$1000
LESS Books picked up-500
Financial Aid Check$500


Please refer to the Disbursement Schedule available at the SCC webpage under Financial Aid or pick up a copy from the Financial Aid Office

Please Note: For the FA-Link Financial Aid Book Advance Program, all return transactions must be made at the campus Bookstore where the item(s) being returned was originally purchased.

Bookstore Returns & Exchanges: No cash refunds will be issued for Bookstore purchases made against the FA-Link Financial Aid Book Advance Program. Funds from returns will be credited back to student's account, and payments will be processed by the Cashiers Office. Absolutely no refunds/returns will be issued after financial aid checks have been generated.

Federal School Code: 036957. The Financial Aid staff is available to assist you through the application process in or der to determine which financial aid programs you qualify for. We are committed to the prompt delivery of student financial aid and we strive to provide quality service to students. To speak with a financial aid representative, please call the Santiago Canyon College Financial Aid Office at (714) 628-4876 or visit us in Building E, Room 104.


Santiago Canyon College and the Financial Aid Office provides this information for students, prospective students, and parents to help you make informed choices about your financial aid options. The information on this flyer is compiled from a variety of state, federal, and college sources. This information is subject to change due to changes in federal or state regulations, college policy, financial aid procedures, or budgeting by any agency supplying financial aid funding. If you discover discrepancies with regard to other sources of information (federal publications, college publications, etc.), please notify us at the email address above. The information on this flyer is superseded by any federal, state, or college publications.