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Book Advance Program (FA-Link)

​​​FA-Link will be available in the SCC Bookstore starting the first day of the Spring semester (February 10). 

Did you know? Even before your financial aid check arrives you can access your federal financial aid funds to buy your text books (only at the SCC Bookstore), starting the first week of the semester! Here's how:


​Students who are already awarded and have accepted federal aid funds can follow the steps below to use the FA Link at the SCC Bookstore. Financial aid funds are intended to cover only educational expenses. 

To use the FA Link, you must first: 

  • Receive an offer notification from financial aid indicating your eligibility for federal aid. 
  • Meet and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Be enrolled in classes at SCC or SAC 

How to Get Your Textbooks: 

If you've meet all of the requirements and have already been awarded federal student aid, you can follow the steps below to purchase or rent your textbooks from the SCC Bookstore. Please note that book rentals require a credit card (click here for details). 

Step 1.
Go to the SCC Bookstore Website
​Step 2. 
Choose your classes and pick the books to purchase
​Step 3.
When you get to the "My Cart" check out, select the payment option "FA Link" and confirm your student ID number

​Need additional help? We have a Step-By-Step guide for using the FA Link online! 

Dates Available: 

There are certain dates that you can use the FA Link at the SCC Bookstore. 

​Fall 2021 ​

FA Link Open

​August 23​ ​


​September 6

​September 9


​September 20

​September 23


​October 4

​October 7


​October 11

​October 14


​October 31

​November 5


​November​​ 15

​November 18


​December​ 6

Example of FA Link: 

If a student is eligible for $1,000 in federal financial aid for the term (and has followed Steps 1-4 above) they may pick up their books at the SCC Bookstore against their pending disbursement starting the first day of class. The cost of the bookstore purchase will be deducted from student's first federal financial aid disbursement.

Eligibility for $1,000 in federal financial aid for the current semester or term:

Current Term​
12 units9 units6 unitsLess than 6 units
Pell Grant amount$1000$750$500$200
Student's amount available for books$500


The difference of the remaining amount will be issued to the student in their financial aid disbursement.

Federal financial aid award$1000
LESS Books picked up-500
Financial Aid Check$500


Important Notes:

  • There may be circumstances in which funds may not be available in your account, even if you received​ an offer notification. If this happens to you, contact our office for details. 
  • Your funds will be unavailable through the FA Link if your financial aid has already  been disbursed.  
  • If you have already paid out-of-pocket for your books, do not attempt to return the books and re-purchase with the FA link. Your financial aid funds will be disbursed to you instead according to the disbursement schedule. 
  • For the FA-Link Financial Aid Book Advance Program, all return transactions must be made at the campus Bookstore where the item(s) being returned was originally purchased. 
  • No cash refunds will be issued for Bookstore purchases made against the FA-Link Financial Aid Book Advance Program. Funds from returns will be credited back to student's account, and payments will be processed by the Cashiers Office. Absolutely no refunds/returns will be issued after financial aid checks have been generated.
Contact our office at 714-628-4876 if you have questions. ​