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Testing Accommodations


Testing Accommodations Procedures

1. Request Your Accommodations

Stop by DSPS to request your accommodations at the beginning of the semester, or at least two weeks before a test/quiz. DSPS will print out an accommodation letter for each of your in person classes, and DSPS will email your accommodation letters to instructors for online classes.

2. Take Authorization to Instructor

Take the completed accommodation letter to your instructor(s) at least one week before the exam/quiz and discuss your needs with him/her. For your online classes, please follow up with your instructor​​ about your accommodation letter.

3. Make Appointment

One week before each exam, make an appointment to take it in the DSPS Center by one of the following methods:

a) Schedule in person.

b) Phone (714) 628-4860

* Be sure to schedule your exam so that you: 1) have enough time to finish – remember, DSPS closes at 6:00 pm; 2) don’t miss the review before the test; and 3) don’t miss any lecture.

4. Remind Instructor

One class session before each exam, remind your instructor that you are taking the test in the DSPS Center. Exams may be delivered directly to the Center in (E-105), placed one of the DSPS mailboxes in A-204, or emailed to:

5. Problems?

Inform DSPS immediately if you have any problems related to your testing accommodation(s). (714)628-4860​

Video - Testing Accommodations Procedures