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Black Legacy Achievement Center of Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K.)


The Santiago Canyon College B.L.A.C.K. program is devised to intentionally assist Black, and all students of color, with the skills and empowerment needed to identify the strength of their legacy and use their academic cornerstones to build their own. 


The Black Legacy Achievement Center of Knowledge provides students with a myriad of support systems that buttress what they have in place, and contribute where support in their lives may be scarce.  Through academic counseling, social interaction with other students and SCC professionals, students will recognize the value of their experiences and the legacy gifted to them by their ancestors. 


  • Students can avail themselves to specially designed programs and activities that are created and developed to enhance the student academic experience, such that they will be able to apply their new knowledge and successfully achieve their educational goals

  • Students will engage with other students to create learning communities that allows everyone to share their understanding of their identity, strengths, talents and common interests within a safe, nurturing environment

  • ​​​​Mentorship by SCC educators and leaders, as well as community members, is woven into programming and allows students to receive guidance from an eclectic cadre of dynamic people 

  • Students will engage in program development and allowed to create events and activities, with the guidance of the B.L.A.C.K. professionals who are experts in the fields of academic programming and student services

Future Development: 

We invite you to continue to check back to discover the ongoing calendar of events, information and resources available to you.​