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​Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about Summer Dual Enrollment

When can high school students apply? 
  • You can apply for summer starting April 1.
  • All application dates are posted on the dual enrollment website - 
  • SCC’s online application dates are the same every year. 
    • Summer - Beginning April 1
    • Fall - Beginning April 1
    • Intersession - Beginning November 1
    • Spring - Beginning November 1
When are the summer class schedule and registration dates available?
  • The Summer 2021 Class Schedule available now on WebAdvisor and in PDF format​ - Note: recent changes NOT reflected in PDF​.​
  • Summer registration date for dual enrollment/high school students starts on June 1. This information is posted on the dual enrollment website -​. 
Can 8th-​grade students who are coming in the fall as 9th-grade students apply in the summer? 
  • Yes, 8th-grade students coming in the fall as 9th-grade students can apply and take summer classes. When applying to the college, the students need to indicate that they are high school students in the 9th-grade.
Book fees: Is there financial assistance about book fees?
  • Currently financial assistance for textbooks is not available for dual enrollment/high school students. 
How many classes can I take for free?
  • For Summer, students can take up to 5 units and the tuition will be waived/free. If you take 6 units or more, you will be charged the tuition for all units.
Are there other fees I am responsible for when I take courses during the summer?
  • Students are responsible for textbooks and class materials.
  • You are also required to pay the student mandatory fees of $18 (for the summer).
  • There is a $5 optional fee that you can waive by emailing the cashiers office - Information about the mandatory fees are on Page 2 of the Summer Class Schedule in PDF format.

How do I apply for summer 2021 dual enrollment classes?
  • The steps to apply, instructions on how to find classes on WebAdvisor, and how to videos are on the dual enrollment website -
    • STEP 1. Select your class of your choice by going on this website - 
    • STEP 2. Complete your SCC online application - 
    • STEP 3. Complete and submit the Special Admit Form Important note: You will need to obtain the approval and signature of your high school counselor on this form. Make sure you obtain the signature BEFORE your high school goes on summer break.
  • If you are taking SCC courses for high school credit, please talk to your high school counselor. For SCC courses that you would like to take for college credit towards a program (certificate, AA or AS degree or an associate degree to transfer to a four-year college) and you would like guidance on what classes to take, please contact an SCC counselors - 
  • For assistance on how to apply to the college, please contact your Career Education Coaches.
  • Students interested in Business, Cosmetology, Computers, Gemology, Child Development, hands-on career programs and more and needing to complete a certificate, please contact Amanda Campbell (, BCE Counselor, for an appointment through cranium cafe.
  • Zoom Workshops on Business and Career Education certificate programs, BCE degrees to transfer, and frequently asked questions information sessions are available! Please contact your Career Education Coaches for more information and register for a zoom invitation through this link -