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Apply TODAY​ ​and schedule an appointment to speak with our Counseling team. 
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​​​Semester Start Dates*​

​​Spring 2023 (Apply NOW​)
​Begins February 6, 2023
​Summer 2023 (Apply NOW)
​Begins June 12, 2023
​Fall 2023 (Apply NOW)
​Begins August 21, 2023

​​​​*Visit the Instructional Calendar page for more dates.  ​


Who May Apply for Admission?

Complete an application if:
  • You have never attended Santiago Canyon College or Santa Ana College.
  • You have previously attended Santiago Canyon College and/or Santa Ana College, but have missed two or more primary semesters (primary semesters consist of Fall semester or Spring semester).
​You may apply for admission at SCC if you:
  • Have graduated from high school or
  • Have passed the CA High School Proficiency Certificate Exam or
  • Have passed the GED examination or
  • Have not graduated from high school but are 18 years or older and may profit from SCC instruction or
  • Are a high school student qualifying for Special Admit (formerly CAP) program​