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Waitlist Policy

​​It is the student's responsibility to manage his/her waitlist. Students can access "Manage My Waitlist" through Web​Advi​sor​.​
  • Once a class fills its seats to the limit, a waitlist is created. Although you may see an open seat - you may only add yourself to the waitlist.
  • As seats become available, students WHO ARE ELIGIBLE FO​R THE CLASS will be rolled automatically into the open seats. An email will be sent to you when this happens. You have two days to pay. Failure to pay on time causes you to lose the class and your place on the waitlist.
  • It is your responsibility to check your email every day to see if you have been moved from the waitlist into an open seat.
  • Online classes do not always allow wait listing. The Online Records System/WebAdvisor​ may or may not allow you to get on the waitlist. If you are on a waitlist for an online class, DO NOT EMAIL THE INSTRUCTOR. You will not receive a reply.
  • Some waitlist may have a maximum limit. If you cannot add yourself to the waitlist, then the waitlist is full. As a courtesy to other students, please drop yourself from the waitlist if you no longer plan to take the course.
  • Once the term starts, the movement off the waitlist stops. However, students wait listed for the late-starting classes will continue to be rolled into open seats.
  • Once the term begins, the registration system will require an Add Code in order to register, which you must obtain from the instructor. If the instructor gives you an ADD CODE , follow the instructions on the ADD CODE to register for the class by the stated deadline. After the class is added, pay immediately.
  • ​You are repeating a course
  • You need an overload petition
  • There is a class conflict​