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Requirements for CSU Certification


·      No more than 30 semester units may be certified for areas B through D combined. 

·      Pass/No Pass grades are accepted for certification in all areas. However, letter grades may be recommended or required for specific courses in a given major. Each CSU campus may also limit the total number of units accepted with the “Pass” grade. 

·      A single course may not meet more than one general education requirement. 

·      Certification of coursework from other colleges will only be granted to students who have completed a minimum of 12 units at Santiago Canyon College. 

·      Courses taken at other California Community Colleges will be applied to the subject areas in which they were listed by the institution where the course was completed. 

·      Courses taken at other regionally accredited institutions (other than California Community Colleges) may be approved for certification through a Pass Along Petition. Students should contact a SCC counselor for further information.

·      Plan B - Advisement Sheet (CSU Certification) - 2013-2014





Submission of Petition


To receive CSU Certification student must submit a petition. It is recommended that students petition at least one full semester before they plan to complete. Petitions must be received by the deadlines listed or they will be processed for the following semester. 


·      Plans B (CSU Certification) Petition form

·      Along with CSU ion, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement in CSU General Education Breadth.


Cerfitication, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement in CSU General Education Breadth.


·      Students may also earn an Associate Degree along with CSU Certification if they meet all of the requirements for a degree. Click here for AA/AS requirements.

For directions on how to complete the petition, please view the following PowerPoint presentation: The Key to Your Future (PPT)





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Plan B - CSU Certification