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Drop for Non Payment Policy

​​In addition to the 3-day non-payment drop policy, there is a final outstanding balance drop date (subject to change).  No balance will be carried over into the start of the semester. ​

3-DAY NON-PAYMENT DROPS: Enrollment fees must be paid IN FULL within 3 days of registration (including weekends and holidays) or all classes may be dropped and released to other students. The day you register is counted as 1 of the 3 days. 

FINAL OUTSTANDING BALANCE DROP DATE:  All fees (enrollment, health fee, transportation fee) must be paid in full by the Friday (midnight) before the start of the semester. No balance will be carried over into the start of the semester. If there is a balance on your account, your unpaid classes will be dropped the next morning (regardless of when you register). 

If you need assistance paying your enrollment fees and would like to apply for a Fee Waiver, It is your responsibility to check your account balance and pay the amount owed.

Refer to the Drop for Non-Payment FAQ​ for additional information regarding Drop for Non-Payment Policy.

NOTE:  It is always the student's responsibility to drop class(es) if not attending. Even if you stop attending the class, you owe the fees and will receive a grade unless you drop the class by the drop deadline date. Drops are done online only through Self-Service. ​